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Free Math Calculator Releases Home Loan Calculator to Help Borrowers Understand Mortgages

Getting a mortgage can be a daunting prospect, not only because of the amount of money involved but because of the complex means by which banks calculate the repayments. Many people feel confused by this process and wish to double check what the bank are doing to ensure they are paying the right rate, but doing so requires expertise in the field. Free Math Calculator have removed this barrier by creating a Home Mortgage Calculator that allows users to simply enter the parameters requested to get an accurate and detailed report on the loan.

Free Math Calculator Releases Physics Formula Sheet for Teachers and Students

Physics is considered the highest form of math, it is math applied to science and gives us our understanding of the most fundamental forces governing our universe. It should come as no surprise then that formulas quickly become increasingly complex and difficult for physics students to recall. To help, Free Math Calculator has created a free to download physics formula sheet that acts as a study guide for teachers and students alike.

Free Math Calculator Launches Percentage Calculator to Make Life Easier

The humble calculator began as a series of stones on a board, which then became beads on sticks, and is now a powerful microcomputer capable of computing whatever the mathematician wishes to understand, provided that they provide the specific methodology. For those who are not mathematicians, even basic methods and equations such as how to calculate a percentage can be quickly forgotten and difficult to rediscover through trial and error. Free Math Calculator has created a Percentage Calculator specifically to address this, making percentages, no matter how complex, easily and freely discoverable.

Fractions Calculator Released to Create a Streamlined Shortcut to Math Problems

Calculating fractions is not always a simple process and is easily confused even by those who need to calculate them every day. Despite their frequent use in statistics, accounting, economics, architecture and any number of other practical applications, there has still been no shorthand developed on commercially available calculators to deal with fractions in a time economic way. The result is that long form calculation can take up a surprising amount of time in a typical worker’s day. Now, a solution is at hand thanks to Free Math Calculator, and as their name implies, it’s freely available to all.

GPA Calculator Launched to Help Students Calculate Their Grade Point Average

The Grade Point Average is an imperfect system for judging academic performance but it is a universal one, and in that most colleges agree that it is better to set a global benchmark when processing hundreds of thousands of admissions nationally every year. For students, Grade Point Average is a barometer of their overall credibility as an academic student and is the most important single factor in deciding their futures, so it is surprising that many students don’t know theirs. GPA Calculator has just been launched and is a freely available tool that makes it easy to find out.

Free Math Calculator Makes Multiplication Tables Readily Available for Instant Reference

Commentators are noting with great interest the fact that the nature of intelligence is changing. Where once intelligence was judged largely on one’s ability to memorize things, called rote learning, increasingly in the 21st century intelligence is defined not by what one can retain but how one can process multiple sources of information and synergize them effectively. In a world where Google throws up millions of results for any given search term this should hardly seem surprising, and yet some still value the memorization of things like times tables. Free Math Calculator have made times tables reference charts readily available online for free so that the issue can be laid to rest.