Frieda's Inc.

Frieda’s Cooks up a Partnership for Foodservice Innovation

Frieda's Specialty Produce Company has been wowing chefs for decades with products perfect for foodservice professionals. From the introduction of the shallot in 1962, to Habanero peppers and Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks in the 1990’s, to recent exclusives like the Colored Soy Sushi Wraps and Pre-Peeled fresh coconuts, Frieda’s products have made a splash in the foodservice industry. Now, to keep up with the growing demand for their wow factor, Frieda’s is please to announce a new partnership with Fresh Connect, LLC, a sales marketing organization that specializes in providing the foodservice industry with innovative produce ideas and solutions. Fresh Connect will now represent Frieda's product portfolio to foodservice professionals across the country.

Frieda's exclusive specialty melons are the perfect way to enjoy a fresh slice of summer

One sure sign that summer is here is a produce department full of fresh melon. This year, you’ll find an array of Frieda’s unique specialty melons, including three exclusives, alongside the traditional choices. Frieda’s varieties combine sweet flavor, crunchy texture and vivid color for a truly distinctive assortment of melons.

Frieda’s Newest Find Is Far from Your Average Superfruit

From cooking and health magazines to national newspapers, mainstream media is a buzz over superfruits. But consumers face quite a challenge when looking for them in a ready-to-eat format.

The One and Only Donut® Peach Is Back in Season

With fuzzy outer skin enveloping sweet, juicy, velvety flesh, this is not you’re your average donut and not your average peach. Donut® Peaches, grown exclusively for Frieda’s, are the quintessential flat peach that’s the perfect choice as the weather heats up

Frieda’s Has the Winning Super Bowl Party Line-up

Whether you watch for the commercials, the halftime show or even the game, chances are on February 4th you’ll be heading to a Super Bowl party, or hosting one of your own. As the No. 1 condiment in America, there’s no doubt that on Super Sunday salsa will be in the starting line-up alongside some spicy guacamole. Give the fans something fresh and fast with Frieda’s Salsas (available in both Hot and Mild versions) -- made with fresh tomatoes, fresh onions, fresh peppers and fresh cilantro. Frieda’s Guacamole combines those fresh ingredients with the great taste of avocado for added dipping pleasure, and is a real time-saver.

Get a Lucky Start to the New Year

For more than 300 years, Blackeyed Peas have been a staple of Southern cooking. They have also had a prominent place in New Year’s celebrations, bringing good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. Since 1970, Frieda’s specialty produce company has been a part of those traditions with their pre-soaked, ready-in-20-minutes Blackeyed Peas. And once you try a bowl, you won’t want to ring in 2007 without them.

Frieda’s introduces the not-your-average shallot for not-your-average holiday cooking

Traveling through the South of France last summer, Karen Caplan, President of Frieda’s specialty produce company, spent time shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables at the daily farmers' markets. She watched as local chefs and shoppers scooped up elongated shallots by the handful.

Frieda’s Introduces the Fastest Way to Fresh Coconut

Almost everyone has endured the struggle of trying to open a coconut. You can crack it with a screwdriver, smash it with a hammer or bash it with a cleaver. Frieda’s specialty produce company has come up with a more peaceful approach.

Frieda’s Introduces an Organic Treasure Perfect for the Holidays

One taste of Frieda’s Organic Klamath Pearl Potatoes and you’ll wonder where the specialty produce company found such a unique little potato. Combining rich flavor and a smooth and creamy texture with the ability to puff and fluff like a russet, Frieda’s Klamath Pearls are just what you need to create a delicious holiday meal.

From Creamy and Sweet to Spaghetti-like Strands, Frieda's Squash Is the Versatile Veggie for the Season

As Autumn waits patiently for the end of the Summer, Frieda’s specialty produce company readies itself for the cool weather with an array of perhaps the quintessential holiday vegetable: squash. This versatile veggie is a staple for the season and combining myriad squash varieties with countless preparation ideas and recipes, Frieda’s is the source for squash.