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Bath Racecourse: One of Many Exciting Places to Visit in Bath

Bath is a truly stunning and unique city to explore. A visit to its historic racecourse is the perfect choice; marvel at this picturesque and eminent racecourse alongside Bath’s other great treasures.

Discover the History Behind Stonehenge, the Bronze Age Burial Ground

Many believe that Stonehenge was concurrently used for rituals as well as for astronomical observation. The construction of Stonehenge spanned no less than three diverse cultures and its point of reference to the rising and setting sun has always been one of most extraordinary aspects. Whether this was merely because those who constructed Stonehenge came from a sun worshipping culture, or because - as some academics suppose - the circle and its banks were part of an immense astronomical calendar, stays an unsolved enigma to this day.

Participate in Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

As such, it is a very special occasion, an occasion that happens just once in a lifetime. 2012 is Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee year, and a host of celebrations have been planned to commemorate the occasion.

Jack the Ripper – Spreading Terror in Queen Victorias London

Jack was certainly not the ‘original’ serial killer; however, he was perhaps the first to emerge in a great capital like London in an era where the ‘common people’ had become largely literate and the press was could be used as a power for societal transformations. The Ripper also came onto the scene when at a time of political upheaval, and social reformers as well as liberals attempted to exploit the crimes for their own political purposes.

Take a Seine River Cruise and Uncover the Charms of Paris

The Seine river is ideally located, cutting through the very core of Paris and dividing up Paris’ finest attractions in a captivating way. The Eiffel Tower and the Musee d’Orsay are positioned on the south bank, whilst the Louvre, Grand Palais, and the Concorde can be seen on the north bank. In the very heart of Paris and in the middle of the Seine River, you will find the grandiose and exquisite Notre Dame Cathedral alongside other eminent architectural structures.

Explore the Distinctive Charms of the City of London

London is also home to many parks, museums of galleries that are amongst the most eminent and well known in the world. Just a few of the sights you must visit when exploring the capital include the distinguished Royal Courts of Justice, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Covent Garden’s renowned Royal Opera House and, for a tranquil escape from the fast-paced nature of London, Lincoln’s Inn Fields by London Tours.

Discover London at Your Own Pace and Convenience

Some sights in London that you really must take the time to explore include Piccadilly Circus, with its Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, the sweeping London Eye, tremendous St Paul’s Cathedral and its eminent museums and galleries, including the British Museum and Tate Modern. Are you uncertain about the very best way to delve into some of London’s most extraordinary attractions? Take a London bus tour, hopping and off, for the finest experience possible.

Walk Through the Biggest and Finest Collection of Perfectly-Grown Plants

Delight in the colorful sights and breathe in the charming scents of the Chelsea Flower Show 2012. Considered to be one of the most famous gardening shows in the world, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a horticulturalist’s festival, a celebration of the highest quality grown fauna from all over the world. For five days in May, 11 acres of the Royal Hospital grounds in Chelsea, London receives over 200,000 visitors of landscape artists, gardeners, florists, and horticulture hobbyists. Members of the British Royal Family are expected to attend the show’s opening ceremonies, in support of the Royal Horticultural Society.

David Hockney’s Realistic Art-work - Beyond the Imagination

David Hockney, artist, proudly displays his landscape creations at the Royal Academy of Arts. Entitled ‘A Bigger Picture', Hockney's work includes over 150 of his multi medium art works, on exhibit until April 9, 2012.

Get Access to London's Best Historical Places

With a London Pass, one can get easier and faster access to the best historical places and world-famous landmarks around the city.