New EzCheckPrinting Software Puts PC Check Writer in Reach of IL Small Businesses

LogoHalfpricesoft.com has a new version of EzCheckPrinting that is ideal for Illinois small businesses. Allowing for In-house check printing and design,EzCheckPrinting from halfpricesoft.com(http://www.halfpricesoft.com), is the flexible, reliable and affordable product that prints professional checks from a laser printer. The new edition also supports a blank stock printing function which eliminates the need for expensive blank check stock.

EzACH Direct Deposit Software Adds Multiple Accounts Feature and Helps Businesses Run Faster

LogoDirect deposit software has never been easier to use with the new Do-it-yourself direct deposit via ACH (Automated Clearing House) from Halfpricesoft.com customers that have been clamoring for an easy-to-use and flexible ACH file generator are impressed with the new ezACH deposit software from Halfpricesoft.com. The latest version has just been released with new feature to support multiple origination accounts with at extra charge.

File 1099 and 1098 Tax Forms Electronically with Updated Ez1099 Software from Halfpricesoft.com

LogoCutting edge payroll tax software developer, Halfpricesoft.com has updated their EZ1099 software to allow printing and filing 1098s form (1098, 1098C, 1098E, 1098 T). It is now faster and easier than ever to e file these forms. The Louisville, Ky.-based software developer is known for inexpensive, user friendly payroll tax software for businesses and accountants.

New Efile Feature Makes Filing W2 Forms Faster and Easier with EzW2 Software

LogoW2 1099 tax software developer Halfpricesoft.com has released the new W2 1099 form software product to facilitate efile for businesses and accountants. EzW2 can prepare and print forms W2, w3, 1099-misc and 1096. With the new updates, ezW2 program can now allow users to generate the W2 and 1099 e-file documents that they can upload to the Social Security Administration’s Business Services Online site or the Internal Revenue Services’ Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) site.

Payroll Software EzPaycheck 2013 Updated to Support Flexible Deductions

LogoFlexible deductions are no longer an issue for customers of EzPayCheck payroll software. Halfpricesoft.com has just released an update to payroll software for businesses and accountants who need more customized deduction options. EzPaycheck supports Federal tax, state tax, social security tax, medical tax, unemployment tax automatically. Due to many requests from customers, the new version payroll program can now support up to 7 custom deduction fields, allowing it to easily to handle city taxes, county taxes, SDI, occupation tax, flexible account and garnishment deduction.

New Update ToEzCheckPrinting Software Allows Users to Print Checks for Multiple Accounts

LogoDeveloped and distributed by Hafpricesoft.com, ezCheckPrinting check writer eliminates the need for businesses to write checks by hand or purchase expensive pre-printed checks.The new edition of check printing software ezCheckPrinting was released to support multiple bank accounts. Halfpricesoft.com also updated the ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer, the optional add on for QuickBooks and Quicken users. So more users can now benefit from the new feature to print checks for multiple accounts.

EzTimeSheet Software Offers Import Data to Employers Searching for Choices in Employee Time Tracking

LogoEzTimeSheet time tracking software from Halfpricesoft.com has updated the latest version to include the user friendly option of data import and export. This new function in the latest edition of ezTimeSheet time clock software allows employee to export timesheet , email it to administer or upload it to server. Furthermore, this new import feature enables administrator to import time tracking data and process all the payroll tasks, vacation tracking and sick tracking at the central location.

Attention QuickBooks Users: Printing Checks on Blank Stock Made Easy with EzCheckPrinting Virtual Printer

LogoTexas business users of QuickBooks and Quicken can now rest easy with the new and improved virtual printer and EzCheckprinting combination. Printing QuickBooks or Quicken checks on blank stock is now easier and more flexible for customers. With the innovative new ezCheckPrinting Virtual printer from Halfpricesoft.com, QuickBooks users need not order the expensive pre-printed checks any longer. Best of all, Halfpricesoft.com has also announced Texas users can get ezCheckPrinting software and QuickBooks Virtual Printer for free by checking out through TrialPay.

EzW2 Software from Halfpricesoft.com Allows DIY Features for Filing W2 and 1099 Forms

LogoHalfpricesoft.com the innovative payroll tax softwre company has added features so that small businesses users can reduce the cost on W2 and 1099 filing this year. The new version of W2 and 1099 software for the 2013 tax season has just been unveiled. Many new features are offered with the latest version which will assist employers in preparing tax returns in house easily and quickly, leading to increased productivity and lower costs.

CA Employers Requests for More Cost Effective Software Answered in EzPayCheck 2013

LogoHalfpricesoft.com, the leader in payroll software development has recently made updates the newest edition of 2013 ezPaycheck payroll solution for California small businesses. The new version can now support up to 7 custom deduction fields to meet users’ special requirements. This new option will allow for California users to process CASDI, city taxes and other local taxes.