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Using Technology to "Nudge" Heart Patients to Take Meds Leads to Better Outcomes According to Intermountain Healthcare Study

LogoStatins are an effective medication for treating patients with heart disease – they cut the risk of a second major adverse cardiac event by almost 50 percent. But only about six percent of patients take statins as prescribed. One way to solve that? Nudge them. Literally.

Intermountain Cancer Care Is Praised and New Cancer Answers Hotline Launched

LogoWorld-renowned cancer researcher, author, and teacher, Robert Weinberg, Ph.D., calls healthcare delivery in Utah, "extraordinary" and credits Intermountain Healthcare as a model health system when it comes to cancer care.

Nine Intermountain Hospitals Earn 'A' Grades in New National Safety Report

LogoNine Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Utah have received an 'A' grade in a new national safety report.

How RxMatch Helped a Patient Finally Get the Right Blood Pressure Medication

LogoJoan Eggert, MD, has become an advocate for Intermountain Precision Genomics' RxMatch — which uses a simple cheek swab to help determine the most appropriate treatment for each patient based on their personal DNA — since an adverse drug reaction led to her own near-death experience.

Intermountain's Work to Prevent Suicides by Firearms Praised by Congress

LogoIntermountain Healthcare's work to prevent suicides involving firearms was featured at a recent congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. in September. The U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Subcommittee brought together public health experts from across the country to discuss the consequences and costs of gun violence.

Intermountain Healthcare's Medicare Program Produces Savings for Taxpayers

LogoIntermountain Healthcare's Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a network of hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers who collaborate to improve the quality and experience of care for Medicare patients, saved the Medicare system $2.4 million in 2018, while maintaining top-tier quality of care, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced.

Intermountain Healthcare Study to Figure out Best Way to Identify Heart Disease Risk and Stop Heart Attacks from Happening

LogoIntermountain Healthcare Heart Institute researchers are launching one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives ever undertaken in the state of Utah to test a new standard of care to better identify and treat people at risk of having a heart attack -- and to potentially stop it before they ever have one.

Intermountain Healthcare Community Pharmacies Are Syncing when Patients Pick Up Medications

LogoIntermountain Healthcare's Community Pharmacies are helping patients take their medication as prescribed in a new way using medication synchronization — which means the pharmacy will coordinate the refill of medications so patients can pick them all up at the same time each month.

Intermountain Healthcare Recognized as a Utah Business Leader in Sustainability

LogoUtah Business magazine has named Intermountain Healthcare a 2019 Green Business Award winner for the health system's initiatives to enhance sustainability efforts and numerous green projects.

Wrist-Worn Step Trackers Are as Accurate in Predicting Patient Health as Standardized Clinical Walking Tests, Researchers Find

LogoDetermining how far patients with pulmonary disease can walk in six minutes has long been an effective clinical tool to help physicians determine their exercise capacity, as well as to aid in predicting health outcomes and mortality.