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J&L Paving Will Offer Snow Removal During Winter of 2013-2014

LogoWith over two decades of experience and a staff that emphasizes customer service over all else, J&L Paving has become an industry leader in the asphalt business. Over the years, J&L Paving has developed a strong reputation for offering the highest quality of service with extreme efficiency. Whether a residential customer needs driveway sealcoating in Northeast Philadelphia, or a commercial paving project, J&L Paving does it all. This winter, J&L Paving will be offering their customers snow removal

J&L Paving Offering Two Specials Now Through November

LogoJ&L Paving has built a strong reputation for providing superior customer service. Customers in the greater Philadelphia area know to call J&L Paving when they are looking for the highest quality in concrete, paving, and seal coating. J&L Paving started their business over two decades ago, primarily offering driveway paving in Northeast Philadelphia. Twenty two years later, J&L Paving remain a community based company. However, J&L Paving now offer a variety of paving and concrete services. Now through November, customers have an excellent opportunity to save on select J&L Paving services.

J&L Paving Now Offering Customers One Last Chance to Save Big in September

LogoSummer is coming to a close and many families are taking their last vacation before school starts. For most Americans, Labor Day represents the final weekend in which they can sit back and enjoy the casualness of summer. Soon after Labor Day, many families are immersed back into reality with back to school night and the fast approaching holiday season. Before life gets too busy, J&L Paving wants their customers to capitalize on a great opportunity to save. Residential and commercial customers in need of paving services or sealcoating can take advantage of major savings in early September.

J&L Paving Has Just Announced New Summer Savings on Qualifying Paving Jobs

LogoThe summer of 2013 is nearly halfway gone. Although it may be hard to think about cold weather during a sweltering set of heat waves in July, the fact is that fall will be here shortly and winter soon after. J&L Paving, paving contractors in Northeast Philadelphia, have been proudly serving the Delaware Valley for over 20 years. Throughout the years, J&L Paving have found that customers will often procrastinate when it comes to paving a new driveway or repaving an existing surface. Unfortunately, when customers wait until the winter, paving is not always an immediate option. Now, J&L Paving is offering $100 off of qualifying paving jobs of $1000 or more.

J&L Paving Has Just Announced New Summer Savings on Select Sealcoating Jobs

LogoThe summer of 2013 is underway, and J&L Paving is offering customers a few opportunities to save some of their hard earned cash. Right now, J&L Paving is offering a $50 discount on any sealcoating job of $350 or more. The promotion is valid through July 18th. June and July is a great time to sealcoat a driveway. Now, customers have an additional incentive to sealcoat their driveways with J&L Paving’s summer special.

J&L Paving Has Just Announced New Tips to Lengthen the Life of a Driveway

LogoWhether it is a business or a home, first impressions are important and maintaining a driveway is critical. The cold temperatures in the winter cause concrete and asphalt driveways to contract. Then in the summer, the harsh sun causes those driveways to expand. Through the various weather changes, driveways are exposed to a continuously strenuous environment and require routine maintenance. J&L Paving is now informing customers about some new tips that will help lengthen the life of their driveways.

With Warmer Weather Finally Here, J & L Paving Is Now Urging Customers to Consider Seal Coating

LogoThere are some misconceptions about when and why property owners should sealcoat their driveway. Most people understand the importance of protecting their driveway and paved surfaces. Sealcoating prior to the harsh winter months is crucial to ensure a longer life for driveways and paved surfaces. Although sealcoating needs to be completed before the winter strikes, action needs to be taken long before the temperatures drop. Now that the warmer weather is approaching, J & L Paving is now urging potential customers to consider sealcoating.

J & L Paving Now Offering Sealcoating Services at More Affordable Prices

LogoJ & L Paving is now offering significant savings for customers who need driveway seal coating in Bucks County, PA. Deciding to seal coat a driveway can lead to big savings down the line, and now J & L Paving is making that decision even more appealing. Any customer in need of a seal coating project over $350 will be able to save $50 with J & L Paving. Additionally, J & L will come out to any residential or commercial driveway to provide a free estimate.

J & L Paving Reveals New Tips for How Proper Aftercare Can Be Implemented After Driveway Paving

LogoThe professional contractors at J & L Paving have recently revealed new tips for how proper aftercare can be implemented after driveway paving. After having a driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, etc. the company also stresses that the proper aftercare should be implemented for customers who have recently had paving services. With the right maintenance after a driveway has been paved and sealed, it will make it last for many years to come and still look beautiful. The paving company of Montgomery County suggests that it not to be driven on immediately after paving. Their contractors know that by keeping all vehicles and high traffic off the paved surface, it will keep it looking brand new for a longer period of time.

J & L Paving Is Preparing for Winter Snow Storms by Now Offering Snow Removal Services in Philadelphia

LogoJ & L Paving is preparing for winter snow storms by now offering snow removal services in Philadelphia, PA. As a home and business owner, the winter can bring about many harsh problems and having to worry about plowing or shoveling snow should be the least of one’s worries. When it comes to a business, the weather and storm is one of the last concerns on anyone’s mind. With paperwork, payroll, inventory, scheduling, and appointments there leaves little time for an owner to shovel or plow his streets and driveways, so that is why the paving company of Northeast Philadelphia will take care of any snow removal services that are in need to keep one’s business open.