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Jasper Electronics Custom Power Distribution Assemblies (PDAs) for Traffic Control – Model PDA2-LS

LogoJasper Electronics Model PDA2-LS Custom Power Distribution Assemblies System is fully compliant with the State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) Transportation Electrical Equipment Specification (TEES) November 05, 2020. The compact TEES Model PDA2-LS Power Distribution System is responsible for AC power intake and AC and DC power distribution to circuits within the traffic signal control cabinet. It is identical in function and control to the PDA-2L originally defined in TEES 2009, but with the overall height reduced by 1.75" [4.445cm] to 5.25" [13.335cm,] allowing space for the addition of a drawer shelf for laptop support in 336LS and 346LX cabinets.

New Jasper Electronics Model TC206L Traffic Control Power Supplies

LogoTC206L is designed for use in in a TEES type PDA #2L, PDA #3L or PDA #4L assembly as commonly found in 332 or 336 style traffic signal control cabinets.

New Jasper Electronics Model TC2070 Traffic Control Power Supplies

LogoJasper Electronics TC2070-4 models are chassis mounted, fully enclosed, 4-output (with standby) switching power supplies capable delivering up to 74 Watts DC. They are designed for non-redundant "cold pluggable" installation in the end product. AC input and PE are via a non-detachable power cord at the rear. DC output power, signal, and control connections are through 10-circuit and 12-circuit connectors on the front of the supply. Adjacent on the front panel is a line-side operator accessible input fuse, an On/Off switch, and output condition indicator LEDs. These units are convection cooled, with an extended operating temperature range. They are directly interchangeable with all other CalTrans approved 2070-4 type modules with identical AC input ratings. Models TC2070-4A, TC2070-4N, TC2070-4B, TC2070-4C component non-power factor corrected power supply modules are fully compliant to Cal Trans TEES July 2009 (including Eratta No. 1 January 2010 and Errata No. 2 July 2014.)