LAX Ammo Orange County

LAX Ammo Opens Yet Another Ammo Store in Orange County, Making It Easier to Buy High-Quality Ammunition

LogoThe passing of California's Prop 63, the 'Safety for All Act,' has compelled gun owners and shooters to buy large amounts of ammo before it goes into effect next year. As a result, ammo stores have been strained by this increased demand, so LAX Ammo decided to take advantage of this by opening a new ammo store in Orange County. This new ammo store in Orange County will now provide the same level of excellence, quality, and affordability LAX Ammo is known for to the residents of Orange County.

New LAX Ammo Store Opening in Orange County Late August of 2017

LogoNew legislation has put pressure on guns and ammo stores and LAX Ammo has responded with their new ammo store in Orange County. With the anticipation of background checks to buy ammo, purchases of ammo have skyrocketed as of recently. This puts a strain on existing ammo stores to supply enough products for their customers, so LAX capitalized on this opportunity with a new ammo store in Orange County.