Intelligent Analytics for e-commerce

One of key elements in an e-commerce system is to focus in a model in which the core is the client of a certain product or service and in which the platforms used are capable of generating engagement and community. For this reason, it is necessary to count on Business Intelligence to integrate the business internal systems at the same time these are linked to the world online giving an Online Marketing Intelligence point of view to the model.

ick-Off for LITEBI Certified Partners 2012

In LITEBI’s annual meeting with partners at the beginning of March, LITEBI’s latest advances on the Cloud Computing Business Intelligence platform were analyzed. They went through 2011’s indicators, what this year has meant to LITEBI and to its Partners and discussed and established the new objectives for 2012.

Approaching the Customer: Cloud Computing Customer Intelligence

Nowadays, if we talk about CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) in the complex environment we live in, with the Internet, social networks and all the changes caused by globalization, we should talk about Business Intelligence.

LITEBI Launches The SugarCRM Analytical Pack

LITEBI, the Cloud Computing Business Intelligence provider, has launched a new pack to enable companies who work with the open source CRM, SugarCRM, to extract the maximum value from their information with an analytical layer that helps them increase their sales and customer loyalty while controlling their sales and marketing performance.

Marketing Intelligence in the Cloud

To start with this article we will discuss the meaning of Marketing Intelligence as it is a relatively new concept that is explained in different manners and is giving rise to different definitions that use words as “Market Intelligence” or “Competitive Intelligence”, with their own connotations.

LITEBI's State-of-the-art Cloud Computing Business Intelligence for Logistics

LITEBI, following its philosophy of continuous improvement, has signed an agreement with Visual Trans, leader of Management software for forwarders, consignors, customs officers and global logistic operators, thanks to its excellence in the after-sales service.

When Business Intelligence Analyses Online Marketing

LITEBI, the Cloud Computing Business Intelligence provider, given the increasing importance of internet and online marketing in every company's strategy nowadays, has applied its experience and Cloud BI technology to this field and has launched a new service: Online Marketing Intelligence

LITEBI 3: the Evolution of Cloud Computing Business Intelligence

LITEBI leads the new generation of Business Intelligence with its new cloud computing platform, LITEBI 3, which offers advanced analytics, reporting, data integration, alerts, dashboards and balanced scorecards for companies of any size or industry through its SaaS model.

Cloud Computing Business Intelligence for SMB

The Cloud or Cloud Computing technology has made possible, among many other merits, that Business Intelligence (BI), previously only available for large corporations due to its high cost and complexity, is now accessible for SMB.

LITEBI will conduct a study to calculate the Business Intelligence Quotient of companies by industry

LITEBI has prepared a study with a questionnaire that will allow calculating what they have called “Business Intelligence Quotient” (IQ) for each market segment and company. This quotient is highly related to the level of technological maturity and the importance given, within each company, to the decision-making based on reliable, objective and real information.