LITEBI Is Looking for Partners to Extend Its Business Intelligence Offering

LITEBI, the Business Intelligence SaaS provider, due to the increasing demand of its services in different countries, is looking for companies or professionals interested in creating or improving a BI business line, acting as a LITEBI Certified Partner.

LITEBI Accelerates Its Worldwide Expansion

LITEBI, the Business Intelligence provider has increased its global presence by establishing new alliances to attend the emerging demand of its Cloud Computing BI solutions.

LITEBI’S Cloud Platform Receives the Iso 27001 Security Certification

LITEBI’s Business Intelligence Cloud Computing platform has obtained the ISO 27001 certification of security and quality by the company BMTrada.

Litebi: Next-generation Business Intelligence

Companies are managed using information, but often the processes to obtain data are slow and expensive. Business Intelligence promised to improve the management of an organization, making quality information available and useful for the decision-makers. Though, the complexity of traditional BI software, led to a tough reality: 60% of BI deployments failed. LITEBI was born in 2007 to solve this problem using a Cloud Computing / SaaS approach to Business Intelligence.