London Stone: Stone Masonry Services to Cater to All Needs and Requirements

London Stone is a stone supplier known throughout the country for offering the broadest selection of highest quality stone at all times, however what many people do not know is that they also offer the most leading stone masonry services. This enables London Stone clients to always leave happy, not only knowing they have the best stone but also knowing it is the exact size and shape for the intended applications.

London Stone Discuss the Importance of Professional Paving Installation

London Stone is a well-known supplier of high quality natural stone in the UK, offering almost every kind of natural stone paving imaginable, able to meet all needs and requirements. Not only this, but the company are also known for constantly offering free expert advice so that their clients can ensure that they are able to make the absolute most out of the stone that they buy from them. Most recently London Stone have been urging all their customers whom buy paving flags from them to consider opting for professional paving installation.

London Stone Reveal How to Achieve Perfect Pointing

Pointing is something that can be difficult to get right, often leaving what could be quality jobs looking poor and ill-finished. Luckily for all however, London Stone, one of the UK's leading suppliers or high quality natural stone has recently updated their blog, providing some of the greatest tips for those looking to achieve the perfect pointing.

Common Cleaning Mistakes: London Stone Comments

Village News, an online newspaper researching local and breaking news have updated their newspaper and released an article stating five of the most common mistakes which people make when it comes to cleaning nature stone surfaces. Natural stone has become incredibly popular over the last decade with people using it for their bathroom and kitchen surfaces, in their garden and even their indoor flooring. However, the article has listed some of the ways in which people are getting the cleaning wrong.

London Stone's Welcome Pack – Helping Garden Designers Sell Their Ideas

Back in 2011 London Stone introduced something in which led to making the lives of designers and landscapers across the country easier much, much easier – a box in which contained samples of all stone products. Since then, this samples box has only grown in size to contain even more samples and examples, and this box is now also included as parts of the companies Welcome Pack which is free of charge to all whom join their Landscape Specialist Scheme.

London Stone Introduces New Hard Natural Stone Paving Solutions

Industry dominating provider of natural stone solutions, London Stone, has once again extended their magnificent collection which now includes new hard paving options for all to take advantage of.