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Lori Prokop offers Tips on How to Overcome Sadness and Grief

“Dealing with sadness and grief can feel overwhelming, but there are answers,” says Lori Prokop. “Here are 6 tips for overcoming sadness and grief that you may find helpful and healing.”

Lori Prokop Announces 10 Simple Steps to Have a Better Life

“Let’s face it. Most people want a better life,” observes Lori Prokop. One of the most common questions people ask is, “How can I have a better life?” It never seems to fail that it’s our own habits, weaknesses or characteristic that keep us from the better life we desire.

How to Get Rid of Addiction and Abuse According to Lori Prokop

During workshop for overcoming painful experiences of the past, featuring expert Lori Prokop as speaker, attendees discovered some people who feel inferior or are dealing with pain use addictions to overcome weaknesses and anguish, especially in times of increased stress or deep inner conflict. Lori Prokop revealed that a person’s inner inferiority complex and personal anguish could reveal itself in actions such as addiction, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, child abuse, compulsive eating, blame and aggression among others.