iPhone Game "Secret of Chateau de Moreau" Optioned for Film- Considerable International Success Expected to be a Major Hit With Westerners

Movie rights for Secret of Chateau de Moreau, a mystery/thriller iPhone adventure game from 4:33 Creative Lab, have been optioned by EK Films. The game immerses players in the interactive story of Antoine Moreau, who has inherited his foster father’s enormous wealth, along with the mystery of his foster father’s murder—in which Antoine himself is a suspect.

Behind the Counter Announces Free Online Contest with an Astounding $2,000 in Visa Gift Card Giveaways

Behind the Counter, an online coupon and discount resource for smart shoppers, recently announced its summer “Beat the Heat” online contest. The contest, which runs from July 28, 2011 through August 10, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST, is free to enter and offers entrants the chance to win one of 10 Visa gift cards by completing an array of simple online activities. The Visa gift cards giveaways equal an astounding $2,000, with the grand prize being $1,000.

Brand New Website Gives People the Opportunity to Buy Shares in the Internet- Explosion in Popularity as Concept Goes Viral is proud to announce their exclusive platform that allows people to buy shares of the internet.

Life Expectancy Predicted to Pass 100 Years By 2050

Scientists are researching ways to dramatically increase human lifespan through genetics, caloric restriction, and stem cell grown organ replacement. Anti Aging Den recently posted an article that is drawing a lot of attention for its take on how the longevity of the human race will increase due to advancing medical technologies.

Payday Loan Website Raising Eyebrows with Zero Credit Check, Fast Application Form, and Rapid Payments in as Little as an Hour

In response to the recent demand for fast loans for emergencies and other financial troubles, Payday Loans 60 is announcing their website that helps users get loans without credit checks or invasive personal inquiries.

Weight Loss Surgery Website Gives Real, Unbiased Reviews of Some of the Most Popular Surgeries in the Industry- Users Give Rave Reviews

In response to the recent demand for detailed information on weight loss surgery, Weight Loss Surgery Now is proud to announce its website that boasts a huge database of unbiased resources concerning the procedure.

Solar and Wind Power Website Offers Tips, Advice on Saving Money

From Reviews of Solar Panels and Turbines to Instructional Articles on Money-Saving Devices and More, Power By Nature Can Help Reduce Energy Use

Online Tenant Screening Service for Landlords Announces New Website, the online tenant screening and report service is pleased to announce a new streamlined Website for landlords. The company provides tenant screening services including credit and background check reports to landlords.

Tackle the Top 7 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

Every August, college students the world over learn the shocking reality of what one of their greatest expenses will be - textbooks. The average student spends nearly $1,000 on college textbooks each year. For most, this expense is not covered by scholarships and will come directly from their own, not-so-deep, college student pockets. However, this expense can be greatly reduced by following a few simple, money-saving guidelines.

Website Offers Extremely Competitive Prices for iphone 4 With No Contract- Excited Smart Phone Owners Give Rave Reviews

With the introduction of the iphone 4, Apple set the standard for smart phone technology. Combining a sleek, tactile design, an intuitive user interface and the single best screen to ever hit the market, experts are calling it the “next step in the evolution of smart phone innovation.”