The Moderain Chair Launched on Indiegogo Bolsters Backs and Brings Affordable Luxury to Offices

LogoRacking up at least six seated hours a day, office workers have every right to cry, "Uncle!". Without a quality chair head and back support are in short supply. But good design quality is expensive, right? Not anymore. With lower stress levels and heightened good health in tow, an out-of-the-box thinker has changed the game. Tanner Cartier and his partners in manufacturing are the creators of a luxury office chair that's actually affordable. Pulling double-duty to eliminate the risks associated with sitting far too long in an unsupportive chair, they've launched a newbie fixer. Enter, the Moderain Chair. Launched to a marketplace all too ready for a good stretch, the chair gives luxuries reserved for those who pay the big bucks for well-being.