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Modern Store Equipment Presents Series 1 & 2 from the Millennial Collection

LogoModern Store Equipment is proud of their exclusive Millennial Collection. This collection possesses several options of multifaceted shelving for wine and spirits. It grants supermarket wine departments and liquor stores the ability to obtain a high-end feel with their shelving and wine rack without spending more than they should. Owners will consider upgrading their storage units after seeing this exceptional lineup of rack for wine and spirits. Right now, Modern Store Equipment would like to showcase Series 1 and Series 2 from this collection.

Modern Store Equipment Introduces Exclusive Millennial Collection

LogoModern Store Equipment is proud to introduce the Millennial Collection. This innovative and exclusive new line allows liquor stores and supermarket wine departments to achieve a high-end custom look for their shelving, wine rack and tasting bars at an affordable price.