Modern Store Equipment

Modern Store Equipment Celebrates 60th Anniversary

LogoModern Store Equipment, an online provider of commercial refrigerators for sale, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Since its founding, Modern Store Equipment has been helping liquor retailers increase profitability without sacrificing design.

Modern Store Equipment Highlights Millennial Series 3

LogoModern Store Equipment, a leading distributor of walk-in freezers for sale, is highlighting the third series in their Millennial Collection. This collection features a selection of convenient modular shelving with a unique and sleek design.

Modern Store Equipment Enhances Liquor Departments in Supermarkets

LogoModern Store Equipment has been satisfying the complex needs of liquor store owners for 60 years. Now, that expertise is available to supermarkets as they install, expand or renovate wine, spirits and beer departments within their stores.

Modern Store Equipment Introduces Pallet Rack Display and Storage System

LogoDurable pallet rack for display and storage is now available for purchase directly from Modern Store Equipment's website. Pallet rack is the perfect way to store and display your store's largest and heaviest inventory in an efficient use of floor space. When you need to buy liquor store and convenience store fixtures that improve functionality and organization, visit their website for top-of-the-line equipment.

Modern Store Equipment Invites Customers to Help Them Fight Alzheimer's

LogoModern Store Equipment has made a silver-level pledge to support the efforts of Alzheimer's New Jersey. As a part of their sponsorship, their team will participate in the Walk to Fight Alzheimer's on October 22, 2017 in Princeton, New Jersey. Modern Store Equipment offers equipment such as wine racks, shelving and gondolas, and custom merchandisers for sale online.

Modern Store Equipment Presents Series 1 & 2 from the Millennial Collection

LogoModern Store Equipment is proud of their exclusive Millennial Collection. This collection possesses several options of multifaceted shelving for wine and spirits. It grants supermarket wine departments and liquor stores the ability to obtain a high-end feel with their shelving and wine rack without spending more than they should. Owners will consider upgrading their storage units after seeing this exceptional lineup of rack for wine and spirits. Right now, Modern Store Equipment would like to showcase Series 1 and Series 2 from this collection.

Modern Store Equipment Introduces Exclusive Millennial Collection

LogoModern Store Equipment is proud to introduce the Millennial Collection. This innovative and exclusive new line allows liquor stores and supermarket wine departments to achieve a high-end custom look for their shelving, wine rack and tasting bars at an affordable price.