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MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Holding Collection Events This Fall Season for Hazardous Waste Disposals

LogoIn an effort to benefit the environment, many communities and municipalities are planning collections for hazardous waste. Utilizing the necessary equipment to ensure the waste is disposed of properly, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is proud to announce they are holding hazardous waste collection events this fall 2014 season. For one-day events, the company supplies communities with transportation, a full team of staff members, and disposal at the highest standards.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Now Collecting Drum Waste for Disposal This Fall

LogoMany businesses rid themselves of unusable liquids and solids through the use of waste drums. Operating as a full-service management and environmental consulting firm, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now collecting and completely disposing of drum waste this fall 2014 season. With their extensive transportation fleet, the company can dispose of bulk liquids and solids to keep the business adhering to standards.

MXI, Inc. Announces Household Hazardous Waste Collections and Analysis This June

LogoWhen partaking in spring cleaning projects, many homeowners come across various containers of household hazardous waste that are in need of recycling and or disposal. As part of spring cleaning, townships and county organizations are beginning to plan collections for their waste in a way that is economically beneficial to the environment. This June, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is announcing their services for analyzing and holding collections of household hazardous waste.

MXI, Inc. Now Hosting HHW Events for Earth Day

LogoWith Earth Day rapidly approaching, it is important for organizations, neighborhoods, and counties to rid themselves of waste in economically friendly ways. As a full service management firm that takes care of all waste removal needs, MXI, Inc. is proud to announce they will be helping communities and organizations this Earth Day by hosting household hazardous waste collections and disposals. Their process ensures all products that are collected are handled safely and securely by utilizing advanced equipment and staffing knowledgeable professionals.

MXI, Inc. Announces Agricultural Pesticide Collection Events This March

LogoWhen homeowners and farmers use pesticides around their property, it is important to get rid of the waste in an environmentally friendly and economically efficient manner. As many communities are making an extra effort to go green and take care of the environment, there are various avenues to take that ensure hazardous materials are handled and disposed properly. This March, MXI, Inc. is pleased to announce they are taking part in agricultural pesticide collection events in Delaware, Tennessee, Alabama and Pennsylvania. With their high quality equipment, the company has a proven track record for safe and secure disposals of pesticides—both hazardous and non-hazardous.

MXI, Inc. Now Hosting One Day Collection Events for Household Hazardous Waste Materials

LogoWith the amount of communities holding events for household hazardous waste disposals, it is important for a trusted company to take charge of the event and ensure the products are properly disposed. When interested in holding a collection with an efficient recycling company, MXI, Inc. is pleased to announce they are hosting one day collection events for household hazardous waste materials. During the event, residents and those who attend will be presented with the opportunity of waste recycling in a way that reduces carbon footprint and greatly benefits the environment.

MXI, Inc. Now Collecting Household Hazardous Waste Materials This January

LogoAs many townships, communities, and even states routinely hold events for the proper disposal of household hazardous waste (HHW), MXI, Inc. is announcing their continued transportation and separation services for ridding their clients of these materials. This will ensure a safe avenue for residents to dispose of solvents, paints, pesticides, aerosols and other potentially harmful materials. MXI maintains a large staff of highly trained and experienced project managers, lab-pack chemists and technicians that routinely conduct a range of HHW collection events for their varied and valued client base.

MXI, Inc. Now Offering Waste Management Services for Medical Centers This Winter

LogoHospitals and doctor’s offices experience heavy traffic and visitors on a daily basis. With the amount of liquids that are consumed in waiting rooms, or medical equipment and medicines that are used or expired, recycling becomes vitally important. Signs throughout the various wings and waiting rooms will direct individuals to nearest recycling bin, ensuring they are disposing of their waste in environmentally friendly ways. To help customers in the medicinal field create renewable energy with their waste, MXI, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering waste management services for medical centers this winter season.

MXI, Inc. Now Offering Waste Management Services for Universities

LogoMany colleges and universities and becoming more environmentally aware of the importance of recycling. They post flyers in the student center or designated areas and incorporate large recycling dispensaries in every building on campus. In an effort to get these colleges and universities to properly dispose of the these materials after being placed in the bins, MXI, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering their waste management services to effectively dispose of recyclables at these institutions.

MXI, Inc. Offering Their Services for Collecting Household Hazardous Waste This Fall 2013

LogoThere are local, county, and statewide events that provide for the disposal of hazardous household materials to provide an outlet for residents to safely recycle those products. For homeowners that possess an excess of hazardous waste materials, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is pleased to announce their technicians and transportation services are expanding their participation in these events this fall 2013 season so residents can properly dispose of their waste. When entrusting MXI Environmental Services, LLC with waste products, individuals can be assured their waste will be handled with professional care and transported by the technicians to a secure facility for disposal.