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EU- India Expected to Finalize Free-trade Agreement in 2012

LogoThe European Union and India have advanced negotiations on the free-trade agreement which is expected to be finalized by the end of 2012.

Supreme Court Ruling to Impact Companies Employing UK Expats

LogoThe UK Supreme Court has ruled that employees of UK companies who worked outside the UK could raise a claim of ‘unfair dismissal’ in a UK employment tribunal, signifying far reaching implications for companies that employ UK expats.

Canada Offers New Tax Credit for Care-givers

LogoCanada has announced a federal tax credit for families which came into effect on January 1, 2012.

Croatia's Corporate Tax Law Amendments to Take Effect March 1

LogoCroatia’s parliament passed the amendments related to the Corporate Income Tax Law which is expected to come into effect from March 1, 2012.

Bulgaria Amends VAT Application Rules

LogoThe Bulgarian Ministry of Finance announced new amendments to the application of VAT laws which includes compulsory deregistration of certain foreign entities for VAT.

Argentina Imposes New Import Regulations

LogoArgentina has implemented a new trade regulation which makes it mandatory for companies to declare the amount of goods being imported into the country by signing an official document beforehand.

Nair & Co. Announces 40% Growth in 2011

LogoNair & Co., the leader in international business expansion services, announced a record 40% growth in 2011 resulting from substantially greater demand for its outsourced accounting, payroll, compliance, legal and other consulting services.

Brazil Removes Tax on Certain Foreign Exchange Transactions Related to the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets

LogoThe Brazilian Government recently announced new amendments to taxes on financial transaction regulations, which includes reduction of tax on foreign exchange transactions (Impostosobre Operacoes Financeiras – IOF) related to the inflow of resources within Brazil from 2% to zero.

Germany’s Electronic Income Tax System Delayed

LogoThe German finance ministry has delayed the launch of its new electronic income tax tracking system owing to technical problems.

Ireland to Reduce Frequency of Tax Returns & Payments for Certain Businesses

LogoWith effect from January 1, 2012, certain businesses in Ireland will enjoy a reduction in the frequency with which they file their tax returns and pay taxes.