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DIGNIFYING DEMENTIA: a Caregiver's Struggle New ebook Now Launched

Every seven seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with some form of dementia, according to some studies; according to others, there will be a staggering 81.1 million by 2040. It strikes without warning. In her book, DIGNIFYING DEMENTIA, Elizabeth Tierney has written an affecting account about caring for her beloved husband for nine years as he deteriorated from a particularly vicious form of dementia. She writes with directness and humour of her experience in hopes that others – and there are and will be so many - may avoid the many pitfalls she faced.

Why Big Macs Don't Cost The Same in Every Country

Quick Win Economics, Answers to your top 100 economics questions, by Stephen Kinsella, is now launched by Oak Tree Press, Ireland. Part of the Quick Win series, the book has a unique grid system to search across a range of topics.