Ostrich Feather

The Wild, Fluffy and Very Sexy Ostrich Fringe

Millions of viewers watching the incredibly popular and equally sexy BBC show: ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ will know how wonderfully sexy the ostrich fringe is when sewn into a swirling skirt. There is something about certain birds feathers that is truly delightful, whether it is the softest down or the sheer brilliance of ostrich feathers protecting a beautiful woman’s modesty in a Las Vegas dance show spectacular.

Ostrich Fringe from the Fluffiest Bird ...and the Biggest

The feathers used to create an ostrich fringe are wonderfully wild-looking and incredibly fluffy; of all the birds, this flightless giant has a great mix of plumes including soft down complemented by long plumes with feathery tips that are perfect for fringes.

Feathers UK Bred and Grown

All birds feathers are works of nature’s art and mix incredible designs and styles of plumage, whether the feathers UK-bred are for flight, for warmth or for showing off to female birds.

Buy Feathers UK Bred or Feathers Farmed Abroad

Feathers UK-bred come in all shapes and sizes depending on the bird. If you wish to buy giant feathers grown by an ostrich, the birds are farmed in Africa and Europe for both their meat and their feathers.

Birds Feathers ... Is There Any Other Type

Birds feathers are light, strong and provides camouflage for protection. Plumes can be dull brown or vibrant in colour, wonderfully shaped, and patterned to attract the female of the species or to scare off challengers.

Birds Feathers Provide the Perfect Fashion Accessory

An ostrich fringe is just one of the many and varied uses of birds feathers taken from the planet’s largest bird that is farmed for its meat, skin for leather, and feathers for fashion.

Ostrich Feathers Vary from Male to Female

Farmed for their flesh, skin and feathers, ostrich feathers UK suppliers offer black ostrich feathers from male birds and grey / brown feathers from female birds.

A Fully Fledged Feather Company

Peacock feathers have been alluring peahens and people for a very long time; now many more breeds of feather are accessible to all that love its uniquely beautiful properties.