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Clay Telecom Offers the Most Cost Effective Global Roaming Solution

Clay Telecom has announced that it offers the most cost effective global roaming solution with its Global Prepaid SIM card. With the help of this innovative and affordable telecom solution from Clay, global travelers will be able to save up to 80% on international roaming charges. With this, the company has added yet another premium but affordable mobile service to its wide range of products and telecom services.

Clay Telecom Offers ‘Tourist Solutions’ International SIM Cards for Leisure Travelers

Reputed telecom services provider Clay Telecom has announced that they offer a cost effective prepaid SIM international that leisure travelers can use, as part of its ‘Tourist Solutions’ pack. This is known as the Clay Global Prepaid SIM card. This offers the ease of having a single SIM card and phone number that will work in over 200 nations around the world. Clay is renowned for the superior postpaid and prepaid international SIM cards it provides to global travelers.

Clay Offers Postpaid SIM Cards for Thomas Cook Travelers

Clay Telecom recently announced that Thomas Cook travelers can get rent free postpaid SIM cards from the company. This development has been facilitated because of the association between this two leading companies. The postpaid SIM cards being offered are available for more than 40 countries worldwide. Clay Telecom has been acclaimed for the quality services it provides with its range of postpaid and prepaid SIM cards.

Clay Telecom Introduces Prepaid Germany SIM Card for Indian Students

India’s leading provider of global roaming SIM card solutions, Clay Telecom, has introduced prepaid Germany SIM card solutions for Indian students studying abroad in the country. The company has attractive cost-effective prices and offers on the solutions, making them apt for students on budgets.

Clay Telecom Offers International Roaming Prepaid SIM Cards at Cost Effective Rates

Clay Telecom, a reputed wireless telecom solutions company offers International Roaming Prepaid SIM cards as part of its wide range of telecom services. These international roaming mobile SIMs are targeted at global travelers. The most attractive feature about these services is the fact that they are available at very cost effective rates, which are among the lowest you can find for comparable services. They will also provide international roaming solutions at very competitive rates.

Clay Telecom Offers Cost Effective Roaming, International SIMs for Students

Clay Telecom, a reputed telecom solutions provider, announced that they offer a special Student Solutions pack, which offer students cost-effective roaming, on international SIM cards. This service is being extended to Indian students in USA, UK, Germany and Australia. These telecom plans will also help students save Forex as they can pay their phone bills in Indian currency. These international roaming SIM cards come with free incoming in the specified country of study, which will allow students to cut their expenses.

Clay Telecom Offers Pre-Paid International Roaming SIM Card for Global Travelers

Clay Telecom has announced that global travelers can now get a pre-paid international roaming SIM card from the company. It has been specially formulated for the convenience of international travelers. It gives you unbeatable network and call charges. You save up to 80% when compared to any other international roaming SIM card. Other advantages include free incoming calls, itemized billing, Voicemail, online recharge and call detail reports and the facility of paying in Indian currency.

Prepaid SIM Cards Connectivity Made Easier

Clay Telecom is a reputed company offering World SIM Card, Prepaid Germany SIM Card, other Prepaid SIM Cards, as well as a wide array of other telecom services to globetrotters. The Company has carved a niche for itself by cost effective and user friendly wireless telecom solutions to stay connected when on move.

Global Roaming- A Great Help in Staying Connected

Clay Telecom, a dynamic, credible and reputed wireless telecom solution Provider Company offers a wide variety of communication solutions that helps the people travelling frequently to foreign destinations to stay connected. The Company offers Global roaming services that helps an individual to connect to the Internet while overseas.

Free Global Roaming in 75 Countries Across the World With Clay Telecom’s Prepaid SIM International Service

One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced international travelers can now enjoy FREE global roaming in more than 75 countries across the world with its Prepaid SIM International service. Users would be able to receive FREE incoming calls and text messages across these 75 nations. The prepaid global roaming SIM card offers connectivity in more than 225 countries across the world. It allows the users to experience the convenience of using a singe SIM card across multiple countries without the hassles of changing SIM again and again.