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Hosts, Hostesses, and Guests Are Told to Put Down Their Cell Phones and Let Pulse Entertainment Capture Their Video

LogoToday, smartphones are widely used to take all sorts of images, videos, slowmos, panoramas, and much more. However, at a party, wedding, or special event, smartphones can just get in the way. If everyone has their cell phone out, yes, there will be many different versions of the scene, however, all of the attending guests will be too busy recording to watch what's happening or enjoy themselves. Pulse Entertainment are the go-to party planners in Philadelphia, PA that can solve that problem, acting as an excuse for hosts, hostesses, and guests to put their cell phones down and have fun instead.

Holiday Party and Event Planning Is Lit with Pulse Entertainment

LogoThis holiday season, everyone is busy with a variety of things. Planning a party or event during this time is one of the large contributors to more stress. Pulse Entertainment wants hosts and hostesses to take it easy during the holidays. After all, they are supposed to be fun! Instead of being bogged down by the organization, it is better to rely on an experienced event planner. Pulse Entertainment has it all in one place, providing everything from DJ entertainment in New Jersey to videography. It is important to have full-coverage this year in order to alleviate the worry of handling it alone.

Pulse Entertainment Provides the Ultimate Autumn Jam

LogoColder weather signals a drab time, but Pulse Entertainment keeps the beat up! Organizing a special event has never been easier when relying on a party planner for DJ entertainment in Philadelphia. Now is the prime time to start imagining what kind of novelty entertainment to choose for hosting a special event and start depending on Pulse Entertainment right away. Events like Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate, or school events are just the right thrill for Pulse Entertainment's extra entertainment options, adding spice to the chill.

Pulse Entertainment Catches Creative Candids

LogoPlanning a special event or party is a weighing task, and the overwhelming burden of organizing it is mounting. That is why it is advised to use event planning in Philadelphia, PA to provide Philadelphia wedding entertainment and photography for any party or special event. By booking photography and/or video with Pulse Entertainment right away, both money and time can be saved. Pulse Entertainment prides themselves in providing many modes of excitement for guests; however, one of their most valuable assets is their photography.

Now Is the Prime Time to Plan Bar or Bat Mitzvahs with Pulse Entertainment

LogoThose who are seeking the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah for their child are encouraged to rely on Pulse Entertainment, the most entertaining event planner in Philadelphia. With the summer fading and autumn on the horizon, the school year is just beginning. It is the prime time to start planning a Bar or Bar Mitzvah for any boy or girl who has reached their twelfth or thirteenth year.

Pulse Entertainment Brings on New MC, Nicknamed "Jedi"

LogoThose who are seeking an interactive new MC are encouraged to choose Pulse Entertainment, the most exciting event planner in Philadelphia. Pulse Entertainment has recently acquired a new MC who goes by the stage name: Jedi. This nickname comes from Jedi's innate ability to charm even the shyest of children. Jedi brings the staunchest wallflowers out of their shells and onto the dance floor with his infectious smile and jubilant nature. When it comes to a special event, it is essential to have an MC with enough heart to draw out everyone else's. Jedi is the perfect MC to do just that.

Pulse Entertainment Comes to Rescue in Photo Booth Scam Setback; Shows Professionalism Is Key

LogoSince the wedding industry tends to perceive entertainment as a low priority, cheap deals are often appealing. When a bride and groom realized that the photo booth service they got at a discount was a scam, their wedding was lacking in the novelty amusement for which they had hoped. However, Pulse Entertainment, the leading showbiz agency of the tristate area, stepped in to ensure that the newlyweds got what they were missing – a professional photo booth operated by a professional company. The entertainment company was able to save the day when the original photo booth service lacked in professionalism, failing to meet expectations.

Pulse Entertainment Provides Unforgettable Showbiz for Weddings Across the Tristate Region

LogoAccording to the St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine, research shows that about 80% of wedding guests claim that the reception entertainment is the one thing they remember most about the special occasion. With a quality level of entertainment keeping the reception atmosphere upbeat and energetic, guests, as well as the wedding party, will experience a fun-filled time spent in honor of love. Couples looking to make their wedding an exciting and enjoyable experience can turn to the leading entertainment agency, Pulse Entertainment, for their top-of-the-line disc jockey services. The party planners, which are based in Philadelphia, PA, handle wedding entertainment focused on keeping the crowd amused and the mood cheerful.

Pulse Entertainment Produces Scripted Custom Introductions for Special Occasions of All Kinds

LogoWhen hosting a special occasion, the guest of honor being celebrated deserves to be the star of the show. So why not let him or her be celebrated in a distinctive way? A unique way to get the crowd excited at the opening of the event is to debut a custom introductory film. Pulse Entertainment, the elite team of event planners near DE, produces and films scripted introductory videos for their clients through their separate division, Serendipity Studios. The agency handles all aspects of shooting the short film, from costume management and setting coordination, to lyrical assistance and professional directing.

Pulse Entertainment Entertains Students at Villanova in Celebration of 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship

LogoFollowing the Villanova Wildcat's win against the North Carolina Tar Heels for the title of the 2016 NCAA Men's National Championship, hundreds of students could be seen celebrating throughout the University's campus dancing, socializing, and expressing their excitement. But, where was all the music coming from? The DJ behind the pumping beats was none other than the talented and professional personnel of Pulse Entertainment. The leading event planning agency of Philadelphia, PA, was the official entertainment vendor for the Villanova National Championship victory party held on Villanova University's campus.