Rebekah Hudson

Crowdfunding to See Explosive Growth

No less an authority than Forbes says crowdfunding is going to be a major source of small business investment capital very soon.

Rising Star: WIZARD .. Miraculous Ent.

Hollywood hip-hop artist: Tha Wizard is releasing his newest single, "Hollywood Loungin'," to introduce his up-and-coming self-titled LP: “Colossal Status (The Transformation)” on Miraculous Records. This will be Tha Wizard's first full-length release since he began his professional music career in 2003.

Paranormal Defense in the Dark Ghost Movie

A new and disturbing film THE DARK GHOST is in post production. The feature-length independent film is found footage from a party thrown to promote Firestarter Vodka. The publicity stunt to gain attention for the liquor company, unfortunately, went horribly wrong. One partygoer, a New York model who's been facebook stalking one of the guests appears well mannered and sweet, but she may not be prepared to take no for an answer.

Price Comparison Website Announce They Now Feature on Airport Car Parks Too

The Luton Airport Car Parking price comparison website now features on airport car parks available via its price comparison search in addition to a wide range of off airport car parks. This change means customers can now compare the cost of on airport and off airport parking at five low cost suppliers quickly and all in one place, for guaranteed lowest prices.

Rip Curl Commissions Review Site Releases Unprecedented Bonus for Winter Valko and Corey Lewis' New System

Winter Valko and Corey Lewis released Rip Curl Commissions on May 21, 2012 and it is already receiving a flood of positve reviews from customers and critics alike. This new Affiliate marketing system and software was designed to ease the work load of affiliate marketers by automating tedious tasks required to make money in the Internet/Affiliate marketing arena.

Finding the Best in Equity Crowdfunding Websites

Small business and startup companies will soon find financing over the internet much easier thanks to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS), a federal government initiative.

GoogleNewsSubmit Thanks Veteran's With a Free Press Release Distribution Offer, a leading online press release distribution company, is honored to announce Free Press Release Distribution Services for the Veteran's of the United States Military. The Free "Bronze Package" offer expired on Memorial Day and the number of free submissions are limited.

GoogleNewsSubmit Experiences an Acceleration in Growth; Reports Result of Recent Campaign

Fresh off a mass press release, Google Penguin education and information campaign, is excited to releases details of the effectiveness of the press release campaign.

U.S. Businesses Slow to Adopt New Google Penguin Changes; South America Leading the Way

In the race to top the Google Search results, a disturbing trend has developed as the U.S. fails to register in the data to understand the Google Penguin update.

Google Penguin Changes Have Some Negative Consequences Overlooked by Google, a leading online press release distribution company, is releasing a warning to Google, small business owners and webmasters on a potential unintended side effect of the new Google Penguin Search Algorithm updates. While the new changes are welcomed to make searching and utilizing Google Search much more effective and SPAM free, GoogleNewsSubmit is worried some may take advantage to harm the competition.