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Searing Sci-Fi Thriller Exposes Degradation of Egypt's Ancient Grandeur as 4000-Year-Old Pharaoh Awakens to Confront the Decline

LogoIn 'AWAKENING TO THE LOST GRANDEUR OF ANCIENT EGYPT: Crocodile God, Pharaoh, Sobek II, Confronts 4000 Years of Decline', Allen Pollens fuses a rich and vivid tour down the Nile with an intricate story of one Archaeology Professor's discovery that proves Egypt's future lies in its past. Going well beyond the realm of a traditional Sci-Fi novel, Pollens' diligent research unleashes an urgent call to modern day Egypt to better value the remarkable accomplishments of its 3000 years of Pharaohs.

Holiday Travel of America (HTOA) Announces the Hire of Celia Bethurum

LogoHoliday Travel of America (HTOA)™, a sales and marketing incentive based company, who specializes in providing custom designed travel incentive packages announces the hire of Celia Bethurum, a Media Arts degreed professional with more than 20 years of design and marketing expertise as the Community Relations Marketing Manager.

Exciting Sci-Fi Thriller Exposes Degradation of Egypt's Ancient Past Sites...Nile Tour Leads to Pharaoh Sobek II Discovery

LogoThe 3000 years of governing Pharaohs were characterized by magnificence. The Egyptian rulers were capable administrators, strong military leaders, sophisticated traders and overseers of great building projects. No claim was made as to the ownership of the Nile, the longest river in the world and there was no dam. Today, due to lack of flood creating soil enriching silt, agricultural fields must be artificially fertilized and the Nile Delta is eroding. Yet Egyptian governments lay claim to ownership of the waters of the Nile upstream from its borders. Is it any wonder an awakened 4000 year old Pharaoh would declare that Egypt's future is in its past.

Leading Technology Providers and App Developers Vie for GESS Education Awards

LogoK-12 and post-secondary education to drive growth of e-learning in the Middle East.

Wizard Fashions Extraordinary Superhero out of the Unequaled Traditions of "Knights-of-Old"

LogoSuperheroes capture our imaginations. Superheroes inspire a purity of beliefs in positive, self-effacing conduct. Superheroes simplify the distinction between good and evil, even when circumstances are complicated.

Washingtonian Bride & Groom Magazine Unveiled 2015 Official Photographer

LogoWedding Photo journalism by Rodney Bailey was proud to be the official photographer of the 2015 Washingtonian Bride and Groom Magazine's Unveiled event. This sought after Washington DC based photographer has had the honor of 'Top Wedding Photojournalist' since 1999. This was voted by Washingtonian Bride and Groom Magazine.

The Norine Braun Chronicles: Journal of a Grassroots Musician Released

LogoAward-winning bluesy artist with a siren's voice, Norine Braun has released, The Norine Braun Chronicles: Journal of a Grassroots Musician. The documentary is an entertaining and engaging look at "life on the road" for a working musician.

Over 10,000 Print Industry Professionals to Attend Gulf Print & Pack 2015

LogoOver 10,000 printing industry professionals are expected to descend on Dubai in April when Gulf Print & Pack 2015 opens for business at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

MEED Real Estate Summit Told Affordable Housing, Quality Offices and Luxury Apartments Are Key Opportunities in Dubai

LogoSpeakers at the MEED Real Estate Summit said that housing that is affordable to mid-low income residents, international standard offices and genuine luxury apartments were among the best opportunities in the Dubai real estate market.

U.S. Elder Care Services Market Demand to 2018 Forecast to Be Driven by Demographic Changes adds Elder Care Services to 2018 research report on United States market, that says through 2018, growth in US elder care service revenues will be stimulated by demographic changes, especially by the large "baby boom" generation entering retirement years and longer life expectancies.