Romania Commercial Banking Report Q2 2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

Since Q108, we have described numerically the banking business environment for each of the countries surveyed by BMI. We do this through our Commercial Banking Business Environment Rating (CBBER), a measure that ensures we capture the latest quantitative information available.

Qatar Commercial Banking Report Q2 2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

Since we introduced the commercial banking reports in mid-2004, we have sought to generate insights bycombining information from a number of sources. We have collated data pertinent to entire commercialbanking sectors that have been published by central banks, regulators and/or trade associations.

Philippines Commercial Banking Report Q2 2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

The evaluation of the Limits of Potential Returns includes market elements that are specific to the banking industry of the country in question and elements that relate to that country in general. Within the 70% of the CBBER that takes into account the Limits of Potential Returns, the market elements have a 60% weighting and the country elements have a 40% weighting.

The Tencent Report Now Available at ReportsandReports

This 60-page report is the most comprehensive and in-depth report written on Tencent by far. We explain Tencent’s 30+ products and compare Tencent’s products against its competitors in each of its subcategories. We analyze Tencent’s strength and weakness from the technology, product, market and business model perspectives.

Profile of Alpha Pro Tech: A Rising Star in the US Supply of Disposable Protective Products Now Available at ReportsandReports

Alpha Pro Tech is a producer of protective products made from fabrics. It was established in 1989, and has corporate offices in Canada and manufacturing and storage facilities in the USA. The company consists of three business units—Disposable Protective Apparel, Building Supply, and Infection Control.

Statistics: Fibre Consumption for Technical Textiles in Japan, 2010 Edition Now Available at ReportsandReports

Japan’s man-made fibre plants are being poorly utilised. In synthetics, capacity utilisation plunged to less than 50% in 2009 as output declined by as much as 24.3%. In cellulosics, capacity utilisation was a more sustainable 75.6%. Nonetheless, this was its lowest rate since 2000—due to a 10.1% drop in output.

Carbon Fibre in Cars: Concept or Future Megamarket? Now Available at ReportsandReports

The carbon atoms are bonded together in microscopic crystals which are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fibre. This crystal alignment makes the fibre very strong for its size. To form a yarn, several thousand carbon fibres are twisted together. The yarn may then be used by itself or woven into a fabric.

The World Nonwovens Industry: Ten Smaller Producers—part 3 of 3, 2009/10 Now Available at ReportsandReports

Man-made fibre output in Japan fell in 2009 for the ninth consecutive year. Furthermore, the decline, at 22.0%, was more than twice as fast as any previous fall during the nine-year period. Output of filament yarn plunged by 29.9% while that of staple fibres decreased by a substantial 15.1%.

Trade E-Book Publishing 2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

Last year, Simba presented Trade E-Book Publishing 2009, the only report to date that’s put the e-book market into a proper perspective. Simba took the microphone away from voices that have a stake in the future of e-books and presented independent and myth-busting analysis on the most talked about (but most unknown) segment of trade books.

China Retail Report Q3 2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

China’s nominal GDP is forecast to be US$5.40trn in 2010. Average annual GDP growth of 8.1% is predicted by BMI through to 2014. With the population estimated to increase from 1.37bn in 2010 to 1.41bn by 2014, GDP per capita is forecast to grow by 85.6% to reach US$6,493.