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TMS Brings Revolutionary New Non-Evasive Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Treatment Option

LogoEven with all of the medical breakthroughs we have today, mental illness remains a topic we rarely discuss in the media and yet the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported over 45 million people in the US had at least one mental illness in 2009 with 11 million of those considered serious.

The Vet the World Trusts Dr. Al Plechner Shares Pet Tips and New Book

LogoPet owners looking for the best advice on how to choose their pet, vaccinations, which food to buy, the importance of mineral supplements, how to deal with saying goodbye, and what to do if you pet is sick will find it all in Dr. Al Plechner’s new book “Fifty years of Healing: Dr. Plechners perspective on a half century of curing animals many had given up on.”

A Recipe for Valentine's Day Romance That Is Simple, Easy and Gluten Free

LogoIf your goal for Valentines Day is romance, then we suggest you consider following the Smart Health Talk guide to ignite sparks and get things fired up with “Keeping it hot chicken.” Not only is this meal designed to stimulate the senses, but comforts with some easy homemade four-step mac and cheese. The three course meal comes to a sweet conclusion with a berry pie that is so good people have been known to start eating it right out of the pan because it looked to good to wait.

Keeping it Hot, GMO, and Gluten Free This Valentines Day

LogoThose looking to make this an extra special Valentine's Day can tune in to Smart Health Talk Radio Show as host Elaine McFadden and Chef Lance Corralez provide the formula for a hot night to remember even for those restricted to a gluten free diet.

Could Tuna Soon Be Disappearing from Your Sushi Restaurant?

LogoThe insatiable appetite for Bluefin tuna together with the large profits to be made selling it to the luxury sushi industry has fueled a feeding frenzy that is cutting Bluefin tuna population numbers to dangerously low levels. Rampant overfishing is pushing the species past the tipping point. Decisions made now will impact not only the ability of the Western Atlantic Bluefin tuna to recover, but how quickly it can happen.