Spike's Trophies Specializes in Workplace Badges, Signage and More

LogoA proud member of the Award Associates of America, the largest buying group in the industry, Spike's Trophies can afford the chance to buy at the best price possible which in turn, allows them to pass those savings down to their customers. Although they are known for their high-quality trophies, medals, cups as well as many other types of sports awards, Spike's Trophies has other specialties. They also design and manufacture beautiful pieces that are applicable to the workplace. That includes personalized name badges, achievement certificates, plaques, and much more.

Spike's Trophies Is the Place to Shop for Spring Sports Trophies

LogoSpring is finally here, which means baseball season is here. Spike's Trophies, a leader in commemorative gifts, spiritwear and trophies in Philadelphia, has a variety of different options available to recognize an athlete showcasing excellent performance.

Spike's Trophies: A Rewarding Winter Sports Experience

LogoThe start of the new year brings with it the lowest temperatures of the season. As the weather outside grows colder, winter athletes are turning up the heat to compete in their given sport. For coaches and parents of these special breed of athletes, Spike's Trophies has a way to support them through all the hard work they'll put in during the season.

Holiday Gifts, Sportswear and Trophies Under One Roof at Spike's Trophies

LogoWith the holidays a few weeks away, millions across the Mid-Atlantic region are searching for the personalized gifts that will make friends and loved ones smile. For truly personalized items, one producer stands above the rest, able to craft thousands of different products and give them a unique touch.

End of the Year Awards Season at Spike's Trophies

LogoNow, more than halfway through the fall sports season, student athletes are practicing for their chance to compete in local championships. Inevitably, many seasons will come to an end in the coming weeks as teams hold their final games, and end-of-season celebrations. The authority in sports trophies in Philadelphia, Spike's Trophies offers a litany of options to make those end-of-year celebrations feel even more special.

Spike's Trophies Makes Custom Awards and Trophies

LogoSpike's Trophies is a company located in Philadelphia that manufactures and sells trophies and other products. They have been serving customers in and around Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, and Delaware for over 85 years. They were founded with a commitment to quality and service and still continue this tradition today. This company is a one stop shop for all kinds of awards and promotional items. They not only manufacture and distribute trophies and awards in Philadelphia, but also other products including coffee mugs, writing instruments, calendars, key tags, and more.

Back to School Season at Spike's Trophies

LogoWith summer nearly over, families all over the country are preparing to send their children off to school again for a new year of learning and activities. With the start of the school year comes the start of the fall sports season: soccer, track, field hockey, wrestling and, of course, football. As coaches get to work preparing their student-athletes for the games of the year, administrators are looking into purchasing awards for their teams.

Customizing the End of the Summer

LogoFor people across the country, the dog days of summer have arrived. With the more relaxed pace of July and August now firmly in place, families will be taking vacations near and far. When they aren't going out of town, they'll be spending time with loved ones at cookouts and movie nights. Hosts will be searching for ways to personalize their occasions with commemorative items that make their guest's eyes' sparkle.

Personalizing Summertime Events at Spike's Trophies

LogoThe warm weather of the summer months allows family and friends to spend more time outside sharing food and drinks at barbeques, birthdays, block parties and other events. Many will be looking for a way to individualize their parties and gatherings. A personalized bottle holder or unique apron is a great way to add extra flavor to those hours spent with loved ones outside.

Camps and Summer Sports Leagues on the Horizon at Spike's Trophies

LogoJune is the month that school ends and summer officially begins. For school-age children, this is the best time of the year. The weather and free-time affords daytime activities that the school year doesn't allow. For many parents, they'll be looking to enroll their children is summer camps and sports leagues to keep them active around other children. Those camps and leagues will want to provide customized apparel and custom trophies whether in New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania.