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Decide Better! For College, Wins iParenting Media Award

Decide Better! For College, by Michael E. McGrath and Christopher K. McGrath, won the iParenting Media Award for 2009 Outstanding Product. The book is the latest in the critically acclaimed decision making book series -Decide Better!. Decide Better! For College is designed to help students make the right decisions for the life altering choices they will be confronted with in college. The book is ideal for prospective college students, those already in college, and parents. Written in an easy to read style, the book is designed to help students to make the right decisions on the choices that will impact the rest of their lives. The authors bring immense expertise and unique perspectives into the decision making process for students. iParenting Media Awards are internationally recognized as the premier parenting award. Decide Better! for College was selected for the iParenting Award out of thousands of entries. Nominees for iParenting Media Awards are evaluated by a parent, a group facility such as a college, and an expert in the field.

Strategy and Tactics to Combat the Use of Cell Phones by Terrorists

CellAntenna CEO Howard Melamed Speaks at Fourth Annual Gulf Coast Terrorism Prevention Conference

Retailers Turn to Online Marketing to Boost Back to School Sales

As students prepare to head back to school, AIS Media, an award-winning Interactive marketing and web services company, sees more retailers utilize their services to reach customers online.

Jennifer Cary Designs Highlights its Pearl Collection

Brides turn to pearls as the perfect finishing touch for themselves and their wedding party

CellAntenna Congratulates, Supports Safe Prison Act

CellAntenna Corporation supports the Safe Prison Act that would allow correctional officers to using jamming equipment in prisons and jails. The bill, sponsored by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, allows prisons to petition the Federal Communications Commission to use cell phone-jamming devices as long as they don't cause interference with bona fide communications. Current federal law prohibits state and local agencies from using jamming equipment. CellAntenna has demonstrated in the past that its jamming equipment can with complete accuracy block illegal cell phones without disrupting prison communications and outside communications. Correctional officials across the nation favor using jamming to block illegal cell phones used in prisons by inmates. CellAntenna has been leading efforts to change the law. While CellAntenna supports the Safe Prison Act, it believes that before Congress passes the final version, some changes will need to be made.