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India's Management Consultancy Market's Rapid Growth Is Linked to Its Business Processing Industry

LogoAt nearly 18% year on year, India's market for management consultancy services has been the fastest-growing of any big economy over recent years. According to an expert from The Business Research Company, this rapid growth is in part related to the country's vigorous offshoring industry, in which companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and large banks carry out significant elements of their business processing in India to take advantage of its low cost base. These large Western companies either operate through subsidiaries or through Indian companies like Tata Consulting. In either case they encourage or require adaptation of their business processors' operations, finance and technology, leading the subsidiaries or suppliers to use management consultancy to help them adapt.

Law Firms Face Increasing Competition from Non-Traditional Sources

LogoBoth businesses and private individuals are increasingly willing to use the legal services of firms other than traditional law firms. More than half of all in-house legal departments now consider buying legal services from online providers such as LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer and LawDepot. Many are also looking for commercial, digital, data privacy and cyber security expertise from their legal service providers.lxix Other competition comes in the form of new legal delivery models offering affordable legal services to the wider population - paralegal technicians, legal document preparers, legal self-help websites, virtual assistants and offshore legal vendors.

The Fastest Growing Regions for Dermatological Drug Sales Are the Middle East and South America

LogoThe market for drugs to treat skin conditions is growing at nearly 7% year on year in the Middle East and South America, significantly outpacing the global average of around 5%. The rapid growth in these markets makes them present significant opportunities to manufacturers of drugs used to treat dermatological problems. In contrast, growth in the world's largest dermatology drugs market, North America, is only 4% a year and that in Western Europe, also a large market, is a mere 3%.

8% Growth in Asia Pacific Presents Pharma Investors with Good Opportunities

LogoThe Asia Pacific market for drugs to treat all medical conditions will be worth $255 billion in 2020, having grown from $185 billion in 2016. By 2020 the Asia Pacific market, which was already in 2016 the second largest in the world after North America, will have increased its lead over Western Europe in third place and made gains on North America.