Turner Publishing

Turner Publishing Named Top 100 Independent Publishers

Turner Publishing was named to the top 100 independent publishers in the United States by Bookmarket.com. Five years after its decision to enter the trade publishing market, the company has rapidly made a mark in the publishing industry.

Historic Photos of the Opry: Ryman Auditorium 1974 by Jim McGuire

Historic Photos of World War II: North Africa to Germany by Bob Duncan

Spanning much of the globe, World War II culminated in the deaths of millions of people, becoming the deadliest conflict in history. From the rise of Hitler to the collapse of Nazi Germany, this is a story of the liberation of Western Europe.

Historic Photos of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Matthew Gilmore

From the New York State Legislature, to governor, to the White House, Franklin Roosevelt has been an integral part of the fabric of United States’ history. His compassion and eloquence intrigued and inspired throughout the twentieth century, his charges as husband, President, reformist, and humanitarian winning fans and garnering him the title of one of the most popular presidents in history.