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Financial Health of Individuals Can Be Used As Economy Gauge

Noted financial advisor asks us to take a look at individuals to measure the overal economy in the U.S.

Home Sales Plummet As Recovery Stalls

Financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen has been watching the housing market and discussing this topic and many others in his online blog and in his monthly newsletter Moving Markets™. Tubbergen continues to believe the housing market cannot dramatically improve until unemployment numbers become substantially better and the widespread, excessive debt in the U.S. is dealt with in an acceptable manner.

If You Think EU Countries Are in Bad Shape, Look Closer to Home

Financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen looks at costs to insure debt as a measuring stick for EU countries, United States.

With Unemployment Rate Stuck at 9.5 Percent, Take a Look at the Facts

In his monthly newsletter update Moving Markets, noted financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen discusses many financial topics, but unemployment numbers for the U.S. remain one of his primary concerns. With the release of July’s unemployment statistics showing no sign of a gain and the unemployment rate continuing at 9.5 percent, Tubbergen digs a little deeper to look at some additional facts.

Are Demographics Stacked Against an Economic Recovery

Noted financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen asks if demographics are playing a role in the economic recovery.

Is More ‘Bad Medicine’ on the Way for Economy?

According to a July 30, 2010 article in the New York Times, consumer spending in the U.S. has been leveling off and is at a low of 2.4 percent after expanding 3.7 percent for the past three months. The question now stands: Will the Fed intervene with new measures to try to control the economy?

Is Deflation the Next Problem for the U.S. Economy?

Headlines lately have been announcing the arrival of deflation. Some might think the opposite of inflation would be a good thing. But according to those in the know: Not when prices on almost everything unilaterally drop.

Financial Advisor Dennis Tubbergen Thinks the ‘Pay Later’ Game Might be Over

While economic news seems to rule the headlines, everyone from average consumers to business owners await news that a real turnaround is occurring. Financial news can be difficult to assess as so many factors are involved, including such things as business profit reports, consumer credit, and public and private debt. But is the collective ‘Spend Now – Pay Later’ mentality finally slowing down or coming to an end?

Are Keynesian Economics the New Norm

Noted financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen feels recent government actions put Keynesian economists' feet to the fire.

Unemployment Numbers Are Still Bleak, Affecting Housing Outlook

Noted financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen ties unemployment numbers to housing market.