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What Documentation to Request to the Vendor to Purchase an Already Existing Property in Spain

LogoThe most important documentation that our office advises to request to the seller or his legal representative before acquiring a property is the following:

Legal Effects of a Power of Attorney Granted out of Spain

LogoIn the event you are a British citizen living in the United Kingdom who owns a home on the Costa del Sol and wish to sell the property but it is impossible for you to travel to Spain to appear before a Spanish Notary to grant the Sale Title Deed because of health circumstances.

Taxes and Disbursements That a Buyer Will Incur at the Time of Buying a Second Transmission Property in Andalucia, Spain

LogoWhen purchasing a property in Spain, in addition to the purchase price, the buyer must take into account the taxes and expenses that they will incur at the time of buying a property.

The Legal Site of Buildings Located on Undeveloped Land in Spain

LogoWelex is an urban planning law firm in Marbella. Andalusia's urban plan establishes a deadline of six years for the adoption of measures to protect urban legality and restore the disturbed legal order of buildings constructed outside the law. After this period, the administration cannot act on these buildings.

Who Has to Pay the Rates on Properties in Spain, the Spanish IBI, in the Year That the Property Is Being Sold

LogoDo you wish to sell or purchase a property in Spain? Who needs to pay the Real Estate Tax, the Spanish IBI, that same year?