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PropertyGuru aims to make it easier and faster for Singaporeans to find the property they want. PropertyGuru is designed purely for real estate and will work to continually enhance the service, boost marketing and bolster its solid real estate industry relationships. PropertyGuru helps leading property developers and agents (including representatives from C & H Group, Dennis Wee, DTZ, ERA, HSR International and Propnex today) to promote their properties, brand, websites and agents online to a wider audience in Singapore and outside. The PropertyGuru service was created, and is managed, by AllProperty Media Pte. AllProperty Media Pte Ltd is headquartered in Singapore and was founded by 2 entrepreneurs – Jani Rautiainen and Steve Melhuish. Together they jointly have 36 years combined experience of building Internet and IT businesses in Europe and Asia. They have recruited an experienced team of real estate, Internet, media & marketing professionals to help them build PropertyGuru into the leading property portal in Singapore. For more details, please contact: • Steve Melhuish on (+65) 97 356 956 or • Jani Rautiainen on (+65) 97 584 975 or Or visit