Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & India (Business Network) : In one of the latest reports by MarketsandMarkets, the global market of security & penetration testing is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23.7%, by 2021. In the past 5 years, economies worldwide have suffered major losses due to unforeseen cyber breaches and increasing malware intent. Most businesses are willing to spend some extra funds to arm against security trespassing. Prova Solutions, a leading independent QA testing provider for USA and Europe, tells us why it is mandatory to have penetration testing done: “Critical business processes are carried out with the help of an integrated IT infrastructure. Every component of this infrastructure functions as a brick in the wall. Hence, thorough penetration testing becomes important as you will need all your bricks to be sturdy against malware attacks” Prova offers a range of penetration testing services including: 1)Black box testing 2)On-going assessments (after every change in the application) 3)Application source code security assessment 4)Web application firewall deployment With an increase in number of mobile users globally, it is important for companies to ensure supreme security encryptions in their software applications. But don’t go for penetration testing because it is becoming the trend of the day. Network security is a make or break feature in your business process. Getting to know how a penetration testing strategy can affect your everyday output is important before signing up for it. Prova provides quarterly, semi-annual or annual penetration testing services to suit varying needs of companies. With latest security intelligence and years of experience in penetration testing services, Prova Solutions has helped organisations upgrade and stabilize their IT security posture. Prova’s penetration testing services have delivered over 100+ websites from companies across IT & ITES, Banking and Finance as well as popular Government portals. Partnered with Suma Soft, a global ITES & BPO company with 16+ years of experience, Prova provides penetration testing services based on benchmarked frameworks. Experienced Testing professionals at Prova work according to OWASP Top 10 criteria, CWE/SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). About Prova: Headed by a team of talented IT experts with minimum 10+ years of experience in QA testing, Prova Solutions offers certified and affordable QA testing services to companies in Europe and USA. For more details & information- Name - Richard Smith Contact No-  +1 281-886-8528  Address- 7880 San Felipe Street, Ste 120, Houston TX 77063-1647 Email -  Url:http: