{RE}Think Real Estate

Real-estate expert Tara-Nicholle Nelson formed {RE}Think Real Estate in 2006 to feed the informational and inspirational cravings women have when it comes to real estate matters. {RE}Think Real Estate is a content company that innovates and delivers multimedia knowledge and mindset solutions for women seeking to enhance their lifestyles through property ownership. We are the global resource for savvy women who want the obstacle-crushing information and inspiration necessary to turn their visions of realty into reality. Our raison d'ĂȘtre is to inspire savvy women to{re}think the widely-held misconceptions that real estate matters must be tedious, stressful or impossible. We aim to {re}invent the way women experience real estate transactions and engage with real estate throughout their lives. The {RE} Think Real Estate books, web tools, events, and other products are all based on real-life experience with women homebuyers, homeowners and investors. The foundation of our knowledge systems is our extensive, neuropsychological research into how women think about, shop for and buy property. Our hope is to create a community and a culture of women who live boldly and joyously - in control of their lives, their finances and their properties. Real estate transactions are no longer dry, boring and painful! From buying, selling, investing in, or remodeling their first, second or umpteenth property, {RE}Think Real Estate provides fear-exploding, action-inspiring, educational resources to chauffeur savvy women through a lifetime's worth of real estate experiences.