RK Academy of Art and Design

Fashion Designing is all about generating ideas, constructing concepts and creating a brand new style of clothing and accessories keeping in mind the current trends at a particular place and time. Fashion has a lot to do with the cultural and social preferences of people that keeps changing constantly. Designing clothes has the audacity to set a trend and bringing about a change. All in all, fashion designing course in Delhi is about practical experimentation-oriented training. The students get an opportunity to showcase their creativity through illustrations and sketches. Nowadays, the illustrations are made through both manual and digital techniques. There is a clear division of fashion designing into 2 parts: a. 1-Year Diploma Course in Fashion Designing b. 3-Years Degree Course in Fashion Designing Here at RKAAD, we have a learner-centered environment that helps generate more ideas and create an interactive environment. This course will help the students to get a glimpse of the real world and the current status of fashion industry through assignments and projects that are approved by experts.