Sanganak Technologies

Sanganak Technologies delivers customized, cost effective and exclusive technology solutions using open source technologies. Our unique combination of people and process driven approach, combined with international professional experience, enables us to deliver the core solution to address problem at hand, with shortest path, with very high quality standard. Why Now? Great entrepreneurs and businesses, have time and again demonstrated, that they thrive not because of, but in spite of economy. One of biggest challenge they face in setup, is cost of technology solutions. This applies equally to well established businesses, running legacy applications, which are either costly OR difficult to maintain due to lack of expertise (read extinct) OR both. This can lead to dilution and distraction of critical resources like time, money and focus, from their core business. Due to changed economic conditions, there is heightened interest in maximising these valuable resources, and utilize these with utmost care. Open source today, is a thriving community, and has come a long way since initial days when installing Linux would consume entire night with crossed fingers and lots of coffee. Today you will find open source alternative, to almost every closed source solution which has wide ranging reach Now, is the best time to adopt Open Source...... We are experienced in Open Source Web Development, Joomla Programming, CMS, Software C C++ Java PHP Python Perl Lamp Stack Ruby on Rails ROR, IT Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, Website SEO. Email : Blog :