Scribe Communications

About Us We know that catching the perfect wind to get your message to spread is harder than it sounds. We’ve spent over two decades perfecting the art of traditional PR, getting major coverage for our clients. As technology and marketing converge, we’ve also become experts in social media, online coverage, and media relations with bloggers and other key influencers. First and foremost, we believe in integrity of our own brand. We have spent years establishing and protecting our own reputation for integrity and accessibility. We are selective in choosing our clients and hold them to the same high standards. Here’s what we see when we look in the mirror: WE ARE CONNECTED: * Since 1986, we’ve been building relationships between clients, consumers and the media. WE ARE PROVEN: * For 23 years, we¹ve been helping our clients succeed by building awareness, protecting reputations and supporting the brand. WE ARE ECO-BELIEVERS: * Since 2006, we’ve been promoting Green Building. We’re looking to grow our business with like-minded clients.