Seegrid Corporation

From the start, our vision was to optimize business processes for the material handling industry. Why? Because we have known for a long time that there was a more advanced and efficient way to move pallets from point A to B. Seegrid was founded in order to develop vision-guided solutions for industrial trucks that navigate without wires, tapes or lasers. Seegrid's sole focus is creating and delivering vision-guided Robotic Industrial Trucks. This is reflected in our name: “See” (vision-guided) “grid” (utilizing a 3D grid for navigation). Seegrid’s technology is so advanced, it’s simple. Since the human body was never designed to move pallets, the next best thing was a pallet jack, and then a forklift. Today, the material handling industry knows unmanned horizontal moves are the most effective way to save money and increase productivity: Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks.