Slickspaces Technologies

Using trusted brands like Weiser, Yale, and Samsung, Slickspaces technologies has launched a software solution that extends the capabilities of current home automation systems. Among its key features are the ability to enable automated 24/7 check in for guests, 20-30% energy savings, automated guest communications using dynamic templates and integration with third party booking systems such as HomeAway and Airbnb. Guest access uses a unique passcode for each guest that allows entry through building intercom systems and a smart deadbolt by Weiser or Yale. Using passcodes ensures that there is no technical barrier, such as an app, which can prevent prospective guests from using the system. Energy savings is realized through the use of a cost effective smart thermostat and smart light switches. When a guest locks the door from the outside, the thermostat is set back, lights are turned off. When a guest arrives the entrance light turns on to welcome the guest and the thermostat is set to a default comfort level. Their system is already in use for several properties in Victoria BC and they have launched a crowd funding campaign to further their reach and development of new features.