System Insights

System Insights is the leading global supplier of manufacturing operations management software in both machining-based, discrete manufacturing as well as process industries. System Insights delivers predictive manufacturing solutions to improve manufacturing efficiency, productivity, and profitability, through the innovative combination of a comprehensive real-time data solution and multi-dimensional, complex reasoning technology. With the VIMANA software platform, System Insights delivers a a unique combination of Hybrid Cloud Computing and Big Data capabilities to increase productivity, reduce environmental footprint, and revolutionize the economics of machining-based manufacturing. Founded in January 2009 in Berkeley, California, with offices in Berkeley and Chennai, the company released VIMANA to the marketplace in 2011. Since that time System Insights has rolled out VIMANA to dozens of sites in 7 countries with significant client wins at companies such as Hartzell, DENSO, Curtiss-Wright and AIP Aerospace. In addition, we are rapidly expanding a technology partnership network that now includes Autodesk, Mazak, Sodick and Kennametal.