India has been a mystery that most travellers come to solve. The inevitable outcome is apparent, those who come to conquer stay on humbled. The variety and magnanimity of the Indian experience is so encompassing that one cannot help but feel trivial in its midst. Of all the experiences that India has to offer, the Golden Triangle Tour has become a household name. The tour ensures that it only includes three cities, but these three cities alone have enough to keep you on your toes for days. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur make for the most happening, enjoyable tour India can put together. Every element is apparent on this tour. Although a little slower than beach tours or adventure tours, the Golden Triangle Tour is a judicious mix, a delicate balance of every element required to make a tour complete. “We have everything your heart desires. History is abundant, culture is the largest exhibition and grandeur is synonymous with this tour. If you want some fun and thrill, we are here just to weave that in too. Nothing is left out on Golden Triangle Tours”, said by representative of the Indian Impression. Among the biggest attractions on this tour are the City Palace of Jaipur, the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Qutub Minar in Delhi. Although each location has its own unending lists of popular haunts, it is best to try and discover your own favourites. There is plenty you will hear and read about this tour, but do not let it colour your vision. Find what makes Golden Triangle Tour packages perfect for you.