Wuqiao Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory

Wuqiao Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory was built in 1999, which is a high-tech enterprise involved in the research, design, production and service of induction heating equipment. The products are mainly used in quenching and tempering of long bar or rod, pipes, steel plate, rebars, sucker rod, casing, engineering knife angle plate; steel ball hot rolling, induction billet reheating, heating beofore extrusion, surface quenching, annealing and other heating industries. Combining rich theory of induction heating equipment and years' of manufacturing, we have provided more than 1000 sets of equipment with different appliation and excellent perfornace for different industries. In 2007, the company completed domestic first 2500KW medium frequency induction heating furnace for steel ball hot rolling in Shandong;In 2011,we finished domestic first 4000KW medium frequency, super audio induction heating production line used for deformed bar rolling; In 2012, we finished 7500KW inline billet induction reheating furnace for Tainwan customer; In 2013, we finished bulldozer blade heat treatment line for Shandong company; In 2014, we finished threaded bar quenching and tempering line for Jiangsu company; In 2015, we finished oil casing quenching and tempering line for Philippines customer. In 2016, we finished sucker rod surface quenching line for Zhangjiakou company; In 2017, we finished 1080P rebar quenching and tempering line for Ansteel group.