Ouija board interest has always been high, and for centuries people have explored the different uses for this mysterious spirit board.The design of the board is incredibly simple, and it is believed that towards the end of the nineteenth century, the current design was established. Two business partners created the commercialized form of the mysterious spiritboards, which had been used by psychic mediums and spiritualists for centuries. The <a href="http://www.spiritboards.co.uk/">Ouija board</a> contains a combination of numbers, letters and common words, to enable the user to communicate with the spirits. A Planchette is positioned in the center of the Ouija, which is the indicator for what the spirit wishes to say. The participant will need to place two fingers on the planchette, which will move freely around the spirit board. Messages will be spelt out from the spirit, and these will often have deep meaning for the user. Enthusiasts of the spirit board believe that the board cannot be destroyed, and after contact has been made the planchette will move willingly. However, some skeptics feel that the desire to speak to loved ones will subconsciously guide the planchette towards the letters. There is a strong belief that the Ouija board can be the platform to talk to the dead, and many tales have been told over the years. Whether you want to use the spirit board out of curiosity, or to make a connection with your loved ones, they remain intriguing and mysterious. Company: www.spiritboards.co.uk Street: 255 Manchester Road City: Manchester Province: England State: Greater Manchester Zip Code: 2745 Country: UK Phone: 07882185820 Email ID: info@spiritboards.co.uk Website: http://www.spiritboards.co.uk