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J.E.B. Resume Service Offers Free Digital and PDF Resumes to All Clients

J.E.B. Resume Service, a comprehensive service designed to be the solution to your resume writing challenges announces “A Free Digital and Free PDF resume version” for all first time customers. Dr. J.E. Burke says, “Now is the time to dust off your old resume or get a new one in preparation for your next job, career change or transition to a new industry. We will transform your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities into a winning resume that stands out in the crowd.”

I-CARE - A Unique Fundraising Opportunity For Nonprofits

I-CARE is the Office Supply Company that cares. I-CARE allows board members, supporters and donors to show they care about an organization’s mission every time they purchase office supplies. At I-CARE, when a nonprofit organization’s supporters select from over 25,000 products the agency gets a percentage of every purchase.