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November Events in Adult Education & Literacy

This is an inclusive list of the professional development/training events happening throughout the state of Florida. All events are free unless otherwise indicated.

Adult Education and Family Literacy Week October 18-23, 2009

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 30 million adults (14%) have below basic literacy skills. These individuals are unable to do even simple tasks such as filling out job application, using a telephone directory or reading to a child. In Florida the data is even more troubling, with an estimated 20% of adults having below basic skills.

October Events in Adult Education and Literacy

This is an inclusive list of the professional development/training events happening throughout the state of Florida.

Governor Crist Recognizes September as Florida Adult and Family Literacy Month

Governor Crist has issued a proclamation recognizing September 2009 as Florida Adult and Family Literacy Month.

Florida Literacy Coalition, Inc. to Apply Innovative IBM technology to Improving Statewide Literacy Efforts

Adults and families throughout the state will soon have access to new technology provided by IBM that can help adults and families improve their reading skills. The Florida Literacy Coalition, Inc. received a grant by IBM for the company’s Reading Companion software which will be used by thirty-four Florida-based literacy programs, with a total in-kind value of $340,000.

MONA POETICA Waxes Poetic on Why Da Vinci’s Masterpiece Brings Mona Lisa Mania

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has been a muse for artists of all flavors from around the world. In honor of her 500th birthday, the painting is now being celebrated in the first ever anthology of Mona Lisa inspired poetry; Mona Poetica.

Pacific States Regional Travel

The pacific states of USA offer a cornucopia of destinations as myriad as the very tastes of human race.

HEPA Air Cleaner Website for Builders and HVAC Contractors

Easy access is available for builders and contractors to sales literature, spec-sheets, pricing and installation guidelines for HEPA Air Cleaner systems. Pure Air System's website is a valuable time-saving device and free online reference tool for customers and employees of the building profession.

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Aquentium, Inc. Signs Worldwide Agreement With Global FranTech to Market Licenses for Disaster Relief Housing Structures in 220 Countries

Aquentium, Inc., (OTC: AQNM) Worldwide Disaster Relief Housing. (Aquentium) signed an exclusive agreement with Global FranTech Group and FranTech Asia International Licensing (FranTech), of Ahmedabed, India which grants FranTech the right to license and market Aquentium Disaster Relief Housing Structures licenses through FranTech's network of 600 agents in 220 countries to Governments and Enterprises around the world.