Alice Labs Pte. Ltd.

Alice is a multi-channel eCommerce customer service platform. Our platform & Virtual Assistant with AI and automation abilities can be customized to create a smooth, easy to manage customer service experience that increases sales and drives cost down for your e-commerce or online business. Like the bird which represents our brand, we stand for freedom. Once you set up and customize Alice, Your Alice will allow you to centralize your multi-channel customer conversations into one platform, automate most of your customer interactions with human-like AI-driven conversations, centralize, collect & analyze valuable data so you can make smarter, faster customer-driven decisions to increase your sales! MyAlice is headquartered in Singapore and currently active in Southeast Asia, South Asia and MENA. Through its subscription-based customer service plans, MyAlice works with over 50 e-commerce stores and enterprises throughout the region, including major brands and retailers like Unilever, Coca-Cola, Giordano, and Maybelline, among others. Through machine learning, MyAlice strives to decode the complex behavior of shoppers across different regions and help businesses better communicate with them in their native languages, allowing clients to offer highly targeted localized support and better cater to diverse consumer habits. Due to the emergence of social media and engagement across messaging platforms, customer engagement has been fragmented into different siloes, resulting in shorter attention spans amid a flood of information and content. With this conundrum, online business operators face new challenges in providing quality customer service while missing sales opportunities. When it comes to making a purchase, 64% of customers find customer experience is more important than price. The attention span of Millennials and Gen Z is approximately 8-12 seconds, making it very difficult for businesses to uphold their customer experiences and brand value. MyAlice, with its SaaS platform and conversational AI solutions, solves this problem, thereby upholding positive customer experiences and retaining brand value.