Allegiance Customs is a London based Ultra Exclusive Vehicle detailing & Paint Protection Film Specialists. Allegiance Customs was set up to provide excellence in exceptional vehicle detailing, protection and maintenance services. Our Services Include: Protection services- Paint Protection Film Specialists Ceramic Protections Maintenance services- Paint Correction (Cut+Polish) Enhancements Detailing services- New Car Detail Enhancement Detail Correction Detail The Exclusive Detail Customs: Vinyl Wrapping Window Tinting & Much more We aspire to be superior market leaders in Car Care & Maintenance & customisations. London's finest auto stylist based in a double gated ultra secure studio in Mitcham, Surrey. Rupes Certified Detailer with world renowned Bigfoot Polishing systems. We specialise in all types of ceramic coatings with the highest quality of products available in the detailing industry. Our expert & professional team is always at hand to answer any questions or provide quotes. Services include Enhancements, XPEL accredited Paint Protection Film Installations, Vehicle Vinyl wrap in unique colors, Window tinting & Paint corrections & Enhanced valeting services. Additional optional services (in conjunction with our main treatments. XPEL & Avery Dennisson & RUPES Accredited and factory trained.