CBD-Dublin? Our Guide to the Best CBD Spots in the Irish Capital CBD Dublin , CBD brothers UK ,CBD flower UK has become quite popular in Ireland, due to its positive effects in relation to pain, inflammation, headaches and other conditions. In Ireland, CBD is not in the list of illegal drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act. You can buy and sell CBD legally if it doesn’t contain THC. However, due to the Novel Food status of hemp products, many of them have are off the shelves. There are a number of CBD stores, such as Ceelabb CBD Store or. CBD Relieve Ireland, in the Dublin area where you can buy various CBD products. You can also enjoy delicious CBD in an edible or drinks in places, such as The Hemp Kitchen or Xico Dublin. There is even Dr. Hemp Me, an Irish brand that produces full and broad-spectrum CBD oils, gummies and capsules. CBD Dublin , CBD brothers UK ,CBD flower UK