Ericpol Telecom

For 20 years we have been providing information and communication technology solutions, and thus successfully competing on the international market. We support the execution of their business strategies focused on the provision of innovative technologies and the satisfaction of them being used by millions of people throughout the world. In the course of our business operations we have established long-term relations with global providers and cooperation with both main and local telecommunication operators. We provide outsourcing services, hiring of highly-qualified engineer teams, as well as dedicated solutions and services. We executed over 600 comprehensive long-term projects in 70 countries. Key performance indicators (KPI – Key Performance Indicators are formalised indicators of performance applied to organisations in order to define and assess the efficiency of those organisations, usually in the matter of progress towards long-term goals.) and time-to-market indicators bear specific testimony to the quality of our services. Our competences and reliability cause that we are perceived as a trustworthy and safe partner in business.