HELPING HEALTH CARE SERVICES# @ MALE & FEMALE NURSE CARE - We provide dedicated prove and warm nursing services for patients that are bedridden. contact us today. @ PATIENT CARE SERVICES # Trained attendants or carrier at homes or care givers, take care of all the daily activities required for a person in need. They help help in personal in need. They help with personal grooming , movement , feeding , and are also Trained to monitor essential vitals like heart rate , blood pressure etc. @ELDER CARE / OLD AGE CARE SERVICES # Worried about the medical needs of your parents back home . Avil dedicated health care taker / attendant or nursing care from HELPING HEALTHCARE SERVICES to help you manage your parents health. @ INJECTION ON CALL # HELPING HEALTHCARE SERVICES nurses visit for patients at home for I.V, I.M. subcutaneous and intrademds and others one time need. hire helping care services nurse staff charge for per visit. @ I.C.U. TRAINED NURSE# Helping healthcare services provide trained I.C.U. AND C.C.U. qualified B.Sc/G.N.M. nursing staff , who are experience in handling patients. who need critical care like - when a patient suffers a heart attack . stroke, shock, severe immediate and intensive nursing care . critical care nurses are adept at providing such care in setting where patients can be giver complex assessments and treatment . @ PERSONAL CARE & PATIENT CARE # UN - matched skill & compassion , nursing attendant's play a vital role in patient care our trained attendants can . (1.) Patient in and out of bed take them for walks , help them into their wheelchairs helping them with their hygiene need & exercise. (2.) Assist in ambulance (moving the patient around). (3.) Manage feeding tubes. (4.) Manage cleaning , grooming , bathing and feeding wound dressing and companionship of the patients. (5.) Manage patients for 12 hour& 24/7 hours. (6.) Experts in caring bed ridden , knee Replacement neuro, paralysis patients, etc. (7.) Monitor vitals of the patients ( B.P., urine,sugar,bed sols, etc. @@ PERSONAL CARE IN LUCKNOW.@@ @@ PERSONAL CARE IN KANPUR.@@ @@ PERSONAL CARE IN GORAKHPUR. @@